Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do YOU Groupon??

I am sure most of you know what a Groupon is by now... but in case you do not, let me tell you about it! Groupon is a website that offers daily deals for your area and during that one day you can purchase the coupon, and after that day it will be a different coupon. They are for all sorts of businesses and services. This week Nashville has had some great ones
- hair cut, color and blow out for $45 at Fierce Salon
- 1 hour facial at the cosmetic market for $40
- today's is RuSan's $15 for $30 Food Gift Certificate.

I always think of the Newcombs when I hear RuSans! Anyway those are some great deals. That is a full day of pampering and dinner for $100. They offer things like clothing store discounts, spray tans, dog grooming.... all sorts of things.
I am also fond of these because of the exposure and business they bring to our local establishments. When Allium in East Nashville had a groupon, the manager told me it did awesome things for them, which makes me happy since I want East Nashville to thrive.

Anyway just wanted to let you all know about it in case you wanted to take advantage. If you want to have access just sign up for their daily emails at Groupon.com


Anonymous said...

I groupon too! I just signed up a month ago and haven't seen anything that really makes me go "OMG hafta have!!" Today's special in the DC area is a wash and wax deal, Dimples hasn't had his car washed or waxed since I did it for him last summer at my parent's house!

And btw, we're srsly thinking of Nashville to settle.

Natasha said...

SO FUNNY you put this on here today... my girlfriends and I got Zumi Sushi coupons on Groupon and are going tonight!!
although I do love me some Ru Sans

Samantha Newcomb said...

We love RuSans! I feel like it was so long ago that we ate there after music midtown!! aww...memories

grizaham said...

I pretty much do whatever you tell me to do Laurahead.. But i really cannot believe how sweet groupons are! Thanks for the free cash!

jenn said...

I love groupons! I bought a photography session over Christmas that was a steal! :)

Richard said...

Fierce Salon is my buddy Jack's place. Go check it out next to his Next Level Fitness studio. Workout then hit the spa! It's a quality place.
$45 for hair cut, color and blow out, nice deal!

Julie said...

I Groupon!

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