Friday, February 12, 2010

The Closet Reveal... FINALLY!

Folks, we have finally finished the master closet. Let me say, the delay was mostly all my fault! I was not meant to measure things in life, anything really. I know this about myself, and still sent in the measurements so when it all arrived some things were not just right. From here on out, Erik will be the measurer of all things. He does perfectly at such tasks.
We are VERY pleased with the whole thing. Elpha really is a great quality and has so many options and they will custom cut all of your lengths which is really nice.

Below is kind of an over all pic:
The Man side. Bubs does not understand why I don't want to use mis-matchy colored hangers or hang clothes by color co-ordination so it is messier now than when I first set up his side.
The drawers, with labels, I LOVE. These drawers easily come out of the brackets so that I can interchange the baskets with the seasons, so right now the scarf and sweater drawers would be replaced with Swimsuits and shorts this summer. Extra drawers will be stored at the top of the closet on that shelf ( where mismatchy baskets currently reside)
Boot Storage:
My little Vanity area which also stores jewelry and shoes:
The Shoe drawers pull out for easy access. ( I did let Bubs have one shoe drawer) :)
The jewelry drawers, which I really LOVED. You can choose the size dividers you use and sort accordingly. I really only mostly wear earrings so that is this drawer.
and another drawer on the wall for necklaces and bracelets.
So if you are considering ordering an Elpha Closet, we definitely give it 2 thumbs up and here are my suggestions:
1. make sure you know exactly what you plan to store in there. We did well here. I planned that for weeks.
2. Let the perfectionist, detail oriented person do all measuring!
3. Plan this so as you can order on the phone and pick up the parts in person at the Container Store. Atlanta is the closest one for us, but picking up the parts saves a lot of $$ in shipping costs. If time or convenience is more important, then just order online.
4. also just FYI this comes in one million pieces, which is very overwhelming, but it really is SUPER easy to install.


Courtney said... LOVE IT.

I may figure out how to incorporate that jewelry drawer...that's so awesome.


grizaham said...

Really happy with the closet.. Great idea laura.. Great installation me... ;-)

Brittany Ann said...

Those labeled drawers make my OCD heart go pitter-patter:) It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!

jenn said...

ugh, I'm totally jealous!

Cory Holder said...

Love it! Organization to the max at on to the nursery!! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

the closet looks fantabulous. love it. you are the organization queen!

how are you feeling?

happy valentine's day!

Julie said...

It looks great in pics and in person! A great job!

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