Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be Still My Heart.......

Feast your eyes on THIS beauty! I was on Bed, Bath & Beyond today buying a birthday present for me madre when I stumbled upon this huge aisle display all devoted to the Cuisinart Coffee Maker.
Over Christmas, every.single.member. of my family had these Keurig single serving coffee makers that I fell in love with, and probably would have bought one with my Christmas cash had they not all been sold out. You can make all sorts of fabulous coffee and teas for individuals which would be really nice now that I am on the decaf train. They use little pods or you can use regular ground coffee. I also love the idea of them holding water so you don't fill them up every time you use them.
This is the Cuisinart version of the Keurig. The Cuisinart one is much prettier and I am now product loyal to Cuisinart after my Auntee gave us the rice cooker and steamer combo made by them for Christmas. It has a retractable cord for crying out loud! Anything that has a retractable cord, is the bomb. It also cooks really well. We use it a ton (almost every day) cause it steams vegetables perfectly!
Anyway, pretty awesome and straight to the Birthday list this goes! Along with this, this and this!

Here is the Keurig one if you wanna check it out! Does anyone else use these machines?


AP said...

After watching literally EVERYBODY use this at Christmas, I'm thinking I need to become a coffee drinker because it is so cool! Thanks for the birthday ideas too!

grizaham said...

I'm about a year into drinking coffee and a LOVE it! Fav drink next to coke... But coke is on the outs! ;-0

Heather said...

My husband and I got a Keurig for a wedding gift. It is AWESOME!! You can make coffee, tea and even hot chocolate. Yum! Plus it's just so easy. I will even stick a bowl under it to get the hot water to cook certain things with. (i.e. instant grits) It makes things so much faster. I would definitely recommend one. We use it EVERYDAY....literally. I know nothing about the Cuisinart, but it is pretty. Hope this helps.

Heather (McPherson) Campbell

Cory Holder said...

Mmmmm....I wanna try a cup!!

ml said...

We got a Keurig for Christmas. We LURVE it! We never drank a whole pot of coffee plus I always made it nasty and it is impossible for me to mess up coffee with the Keurig!

Gayle said...

Hey LG!
Brad got a Keurig for Christmas. We used it for a couple of weeks but ran out of the K-cups that we liked so it has not been used in a while. I heard that they sell them at Target though. I need to get by there sometime and go get more of the cups we like and then we would use it more.
I need to look into it more because I think you can make iced tea!

Natasha said...

we have one of the 1 pouch coffee makers at work with almost 30 choices, and i am completely spoiled.. it's like having starbucks right down the hallway, which gets me into LOTS of trouble!!

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