Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9: The Ones to Talk About

Are you guys watching American Idol anymore? I have not heard anyone talking about it! Dang! I am gonna make my predictions based on the top 24. If you read my last year's predictions I was not too far off !

I circled their faces in yellow below, which is kind of hard to see! Maybe you can click on the Image to see it enlarged?
My all-time fav so far is Momma Sox, the hippie chick. I really like her and so does the bubs. I think that cute blonde boy will be in the top 5 or so because I think he will be a fan favorite! I also like the dude with the funky black rimmed glasses. I loved his Paula Abdul remix. Who do you guys like?


Anonymous said...

totally agree with all your choices, Laura!
I was also somewhat of a fan of the blonde girl who sang "the way I am"..but could see her cracking mid-competition.


grizaham said...

I also like the dread lock lady.. She made me love Alanis Morisette again! ;-)

AP said...

Not really impressed by any of the girls tonight, except Momma Sox! Alanis Morisette is a favorite of mine, so when she played that card I was sold. Also the fact that she rocked the guitar and harmonica sold me even more. Two guy picks are the Garcia dude and Casey James. Hope they can pull it off tomorrow night!

jenn said...

I tend to pick totally opposite of Erik b/c he picked that cra-Z chick last year... and swore that she was good....So for the girls-- I'm thinking that Dreads is good, but I feel like she won't be able to hang with all the different themes... so she's out. Then there's the 16 yr olds... they're gone soon. I kinda liked the Alicia Keys girl tonight. I'm still a fan of Ashley and Didi (who looks and acts strangely like that other girl... you know "you are my sunshine"). Can't wait for the guys! :)

Cory Holder said...

I voted for Crystal last night...wow, I'm voting for American Idol. This is a first for me. I agree w/ all of your choices LG.

LG said...

Hooray ! Welcome to the club CB! It is a fun social activity!
Leslie I like that girl ( DeDe) too, she is friends with one of Julie's friends. All her crying jags drive me nuts though.

Cas said...

I missed last night, because I had to work until 12:30, so I have no idea what happened, but my fav is Big Mike so far, the guy that missed his first child being born. And could you guys please stop kicking my butt at "words with friends"? Can you at least give a guy a chance?

M. Congleton said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Crystal. Bryan and I both think she is going to win the whole thing!

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