Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 WeeWares Sale In Franklin with Momma & CB

Yesterday for the first full day of my mom being in town we hit up Franklin. CB was along for the ride and we all had a really good time. We had lunch at Pucketts and checked out a few kids consignment stores and the WeeWares Sale. Let me tell you, we all learned a very valuable lesson. These kids sales, are NO JOKE. One should prepare and strategize like a football player. Mom, CB and I got basically trampled. We did get there right when it opened, but we didn't realize how cut throat these ladies are!
Next time, I will be prepared and be much more productive. You have to shop fast, and come with your own big bag or basket to put your stuff in ( most of these ladies had strollers and stacked them to the hilt and used the stroller to block the aisle so you would not be able to browse that section till they were done!) I am telling you it was really crazy, and it was early in the morning and I was not mentally prepared! Lucky for me, I am not into all that sweet southern smocked-ness because that was what they were all after.
It was all VERY impressive. There is no way, a bunch of men could have organized such a thing. It was a HUGE warehouse full of every baby and kid thing imaginable. Moms are pretty impressive in their thrifty-ness. I bet I volunteer next year!

Below are my scores ( Thanks Momma!)

A Brand New baby Bjorn! It was $35 instead of $120. You can see that Erik and Boppie both enjoy it. Erik would not stop dancing around for a good pic so this was the best I could do.

Here are my outfit choices. I had a dream before the sale, that the baby was a boy and he was really tiny with dark hair and very cute! ha SO call me crazy but I only shopped for boys. My baby style is Pajamas. I just like for babies, to look like babies.
You can see they had a lot of stuff that was new with tags! This is the one little girls outfit I bought because it was so sang cute and it was $5 , I though why not? Plus I we had a God-daughter, a niece, and Nicole is having a girl so I know it will get worn!
My BIG steal of the day, was some Citizens of Humanity Maternity jeans for $8.50 ... WHAT? You read that right. I think they didn't realize they were designer! ha Thank you very much! I got these at Once Upon A Child.

While we were out all day, I just knew deep in my heart since bubs was off all day that he was at home steadily working on that nursery and priming the walls, until i noticed the paint was in MY CAR the whole time :(! Hopefully we will get that room primed and ready this week!
More on days with Mom later, gotta get ready for our outings today that will be fabric stores, thrift stores, and one Tajmahal Baby store in GreenHills.


Cory Holder said...

That was a lot of fun yesterday! I had a dream last night that I was having a I'm going to have some cute 12 month old dresses for someone probably. We shall see today whether it is dresses or jumpers for this little Holder. Shop on sister!!

Kristen said...

CITIZEN'S FOR 8.50??????? That just would have made the trip worth it for me.

jenn said...

DUDE! You have to be careful at those sales. I've seen fights break out! There's one coming up in Rivergate the first weekend in March and you HAVE to go with me it is INSANE! I'll send you the info.

Melissa and Cas said...

I have been to those sales before even though we don't have kids but I have gotten a lot for our nephews and put some things away for us too. People do not play when it comes to baby items because most of the time they are close to new and cheap! You don't mess with a woman on a mission! The two near us are coming in March and April! Ours even have housewares and holiday decor and books! I have bought tons of childrens books at them too for ridiculously cheap! Happy shopping. Can't wait to see what else you score!

AP said...

Wish I was there with y'all! If you see any cute, cheap stuff in size 3T snatch it up for Willburs! He's growing so dang fast I can't keep him in clothes!

grizaham said...

ILLEGAL photo! ;-)
That baby holder thing is pretty neat.. Boss liked it i think

Julie Bray said...

LOVE the photo of Erik and Flossie!

It's somewhat ironic all those "Southern Ladies" shopping for smock outfits, yet they have no manners. What has happened to the Southern Lady??? Just gotta get them babies some preppy clothes for the show....

You are a shopping maniac! I wish I could find the deals you find. Any chance you can be my personal shopper? (:

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