Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday's Visitor

Yesterday we had a fun little visit with Nicholas Graham, cousin Jennifer's son. We have not seen him in forever and he has really grown up! He can talk now, and does plenty of it! He was also extremely well behaved. Gives me hope to know its possible to reign in a Graham child! ha
I forgot about how Ralphie hoards from Children and he did steal a Train from little Nikki and hide it in what Erik calls "His lair" which is really our closet.


Courtney said...

he is too cute!! tiny tots are the best! i miss hanging out with them on a regular basis bc they are so interesting and funny not to mention snuggly!

Melissa and Cas said...

That is funny about Ralphie! Every time you buy a toy for the baby you will have to get the pups one too! Ha~this could get expensive. Maybe they have a self help group for pups or maybe Ralphie has always wanted his own little train! Ha

grizaham said...

Little Nick is the man! He enjoys remotes, puppies, pointing at things, walking around, label machines and me!
Great to see you guys!!!

Cory Holder said...

He's adorable!! Awww, Ralphie was just analyzing what kind of toys his new baby pet will like! :)

jenn said...

This picture makes me laugh. He gives me this look ALL THE TIME! Oh, and the well behaved thing is hit or miss!

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