Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ya'll Can Consider This a Public Service Announcement

You can see this chart MUCH BIGGER and read the article over at Mashable. Thanks PB for the Twitter link!


Anonymous said...

HI! I SO want one of those, but here in the stix of TN where I am you have 2 choices when It comes to cell phones. boooo! Hope your having a great day and so happy I came across your blog! = )

Courtney said...

Glad we got the Droid. Hate AT&T. Will NEVER have an iPhone as long as they are connected to AT&T. Heart Verizon. :) Thanks!!

grizaham said...

Lots of AT&T hate out there.. I heart AT&T lots cause they have the iPhone.. Never had any probs with them. iPhone 4eva.
Weagle Weagle.

Melanie said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm currently trying to decide b/t the Droid & the iPhone. I really like Verizon's service, but think I'd love the iPhone.

But you too live in Nashville and seem to be okay with the AT&T service. So far I've gotten 3 no's on getting it b/c of the AT&T service & 2 yes's. So I still haven't decided. But I gotta decide within the next week! So every little bit helps!

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