Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tomorrow is Intelligender Day!

Tomorrow is the big Intelligender day for me! I have been anxiously awaiting to take it. The good ole Doctor put me back a week from what I thought was my due date (now due Aug 12) so i had to wait an extra week to take it! First thing tomorrow morning I will give it a go.
For those who have never heard of it, Intelligender is a urine test you can buy at the drug store that is supposed to predict gender. It has 82% accuracy. So you know, it may or may not be right, mostly I am taking it for fun and research. A few of my friends have taken it and I will report their results as well in case any of you googled intelligender and came to this post by that!
So Cory took it and it said boy for her. ( Doctor to report to her mid February)
Nicole took it and it said boy for her. (Doctor should tell her Monday if its right)
Emily took it and it said boy for her, and her doctor confirmed it is a boy.
FYI: I get mixed results from the chinese gender chart, but i have had no morning sickness and crave salty and sour stuff. Last week I bought $10 worth of sour candy in the mall and ate the whole bag in about one sitting! LOL

Expect updates on all of us in a few weeks. Have any of you reading this taken or heard anything about intelligender? If so please report your results in the comments section!
Below is a clip from "The Doctors" tv show on intelligender.


grizaham said...

Good times..
Maybe you should video tape yourself reading the results and post it on the bloggie! ;-)

AP said...

LG, I majorly craved sour gummy worms with Will and I wasn't sick a single day!

Melissa and Cas said...

I can not wait to hear! Do you have a feeling that it is one over the other? I finished my video finally!

Courtney said...

oh i CANNOT wait to hear the results!!

Denise Scroggins said...

Hey Laura!! I did the Intelligender test with kate (my 2nd daughter) and it said GIRL!!! I think 82% accuracy is pretty good, so I can't wait to hear! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Mississippi Candice said...


Lindsey said...

try the website "The Labor of Love" (google it) for a gender chart prediction. You have to input your birthday and your time zone. It has worked both times for me and both times for Amber Q. Email me and let me know what it says.

The Skippers said...

Can't wait to hear!!!

Melanie Cristina Matyas said...

Hey Laura!
Congrats on the bambino! I took the intelligender test for Ben and it said boy.... but who knows its only a 50/50 chance. We shall see :)

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