Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Will Seriously Change Your Life!

Today I watched the documentary Food, Inc. Don't walk, but RUN and get this movie stat. I ordered mine from Netflix, and let me tell you, as much as you think you don't want to watch this, you absolutely do. I know people don't give much thought to their food, in how it was made or where it comes from, I myself have been guilty of that. But choosing ignorance is exactly what the food industry is counting on, and while we live in Ignorance land they are stealing our rights as Americans and killing us at the same time.
Woah, I'm starting to sound preachy. Sorry. But seriously, all the food facts bothered me, and educated me but what REALLY bothered me was hearing about the laws and legislature dictating how our food is grown. It absolutely infuriated me, and will you too if you watch.
Basically no one can survive a fight with the food industry, which is primarily made up of 6 big companies. They sued Oprah for saying she didn't want to eat hamburgers anymore after the mad cow thing came out, and it took 6 years and over a million dollars before she finally beat them down. She is the only person to battle them and win. So the fact that you can be sued for saying how you feel about something, even when it is TRUE is crazy. In Colorado it is a federal offense and you could get jail time for criticising their beef practices. I could go on and on....

Some Quick Facts to Think Upon:

- Notice how we have no seasonal foods anymore, That is because they are picked green and ripened with ethenol gas. Doesn't that sounds delicious?

- Farms have been replaced with factories. This whole notion was jump started by FAST FOOD. surprise surprise.

Anyway if you have seen this please leave comments so others can see that it really is a movie for everyone. Especially people with children.

Here is a link to Movie Critics Reviews


Jessica said...

and living in the south, or in a good agriculture area is such a plus because you can go to the farmers market and get organic fruits and veggies that are IN season!

grizaham said...

-The Truth is Out There.
-Trust No One.
-Everyone has an uncle who's an amateur magician
-Smart is sexy

Anonymous said...

My grandpa was a farmer. I prefer to think that my beets, apples, oranges, lettuce, red pepper, carrot, celery, potatoes, yams, and bananas were all lovely looking because they were planted, loved on, and picked by farmers.

My heart and my wallet can't take organic prices!

Kathy said...

Will go and look for this right away! I love motivation to Grow My Own!

I wondered about that Seasonal food thing when i saw descent looking watermelons at the store the other day.

Cory Holder said...

My weekly grocery store visit usually includes the Publix Greenwise Meat, Milk and Eggs, but today I included fruits and veggies. Always be improving! :)

Kyle said...

Caro read the book Skinny Bitch and I decided to start reading Skinny Bastard and it has some interesting facts about food. Also, just b/c it says "organic" doesn't actually mean that it is truly organic. I've heard of companies just taking the same foods and slapping the organic packaging on them to get into the whole health game. I think Farmer's markets are good b/c the veggies are local and vine ripened. Also thinking about getting with neighbors this year and doing a community garden. You can grow much more stuff and divy up caretaking. WDE!

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