Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday: Elpha Installation

I had high spirits Saturday, because I knew the Elpha Closet system was arriving. Erik on the other hand was pretty skeptical about it all. It took a lot of cheerleading to get this project going. I will admit, upon opening all these boxes, and seeing the bajillion tiny parts it was a little intimidating.

I think that was when Erik said "How much did you say it would cost for them to install it" to which I answered it was a waste of money,regardless how much and he was very capable, and he was! Just like I knew he would be! About midway through the installation he said he could totally do this as a side job.
Here is the gutted closet, which has been painted. I discovered some mold left behind from our leak last year, behind that floor molding so I ripped that off and took it into home depot. They sold that exact kind and cut me a new piece for replacement for about $7. I have not patched that carpet piece yet. We have extra in the basement I just need to get down there. Don't understand why they carpeted around the build ins in the closet, all of which we re purposed btw.
Here are some drawers ( our bedroom is too small for more than one dresser and my bubs is a clothes hoarder). I went through all his clothes today and packed up about half of them. When he got home from work and discovered all this new organization (and less than 400 tshirts in a drawer) he *almost* had a small heart attack which sent me into fits of laughter.
This is my side pictured below. Before, we each had about 24" of hanging space, and now we each have more than double that!

More to come later! I miscalculated some of the parts and so the shoe walls are not done yet! I will also review the quality of all the Elpha stuff then. We are VERY pleased with it.


jenn said...

I'm SO jealous! That's gonna look so good! (and I think that the shirt collecting runs in the family!) :)

Courtney said...

Looking great so far!!

grizaham said...

After the initial shock, it was very easy to install.. I am for hire.

AP said...

As soon as I have my own little casa, I'm hiring BOTH of y'all to help me organize and install! I'm really jealous of the closet! Props to you both!

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