Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meal: Lean & Latin (Epic Fail)

I started watching Food Network so I could get inspired like all you foodies and I saw Rachel Ray make this. It looked good, and it was Mexicanish which Erik and I usually eat on our Anniversary. This year I cooked it to save some $ since we had a fancy NYE dinner. Well Rachel Ray.... 30 minutes my butt. This took forever, since food doesn't come pre chopped and what not.
In the end I did not feel like it was worth all that time. The rice was actually pretty good but the Fish Tacos were bland.

Marinating the Fish
Pico De Gallo ( to be mixed in with rice)
Click HERE for the recipes if you wanna try your hand at it!


Anonymous said...

Ohh that recipe looks so yummy. I wish hubs would eat fish, you are so lucky!!

Do you need recipes? If you ever do, just send me an email!

Courtney said...

I need to send you some recipes.

You may find as you go along that alot of RR stuff is just not very good. Kinda bland, like you are saying. But some is decent, so just keep trying!! :)

And make Erikhead the sous-chef. Trent is most of the time. Does all the chopping for me.

grizaham said...

The fish tacos were very tasty.. From a mans perspective, just have the fish, tacos some cheese and salsa. Don't really need all that extra fluff.
Great job babe!

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