Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quick Word On Commenting....

I have been wanting to discuss this for a while, but was honestly too lazy to try and explain the step by step stuff. Thankfully Brandy over at "You Don't Even Know" has written out a great tutorial with pictures and everything that will show you how to:
- associate your email with your comment name
- and receive emails when you get comments on your own blog

This is important b.c a lot of you that comment have the same name as someone else, and when you say stuff to me, or ask me questions that I want to reply to, I can't b.c I don't know which one you are, and you don't have an email address linked to your google comment name. For instance, whoever Sarah was that commented about a corn muffin recipe, yes please email me that! But I don't know if you are Sarah Lewis, Sara Ussery, Sarah Macon , etc so I didn't know who to email! Ya Feel me ?

Another thing, for the LOVE, could ya'll please do me a favor and add your face to that facebook friends box over on the right margin? It is so sad and lonely with 2 faces in it! I don't think it will do anything crazy like clog up your facebook home page, but it will make it look as though I've got some dang friends/readers!

Oh, and one other random thought. Erik and I talked it over in the beginning about how we didn't want to the blog to become a full blown baby blog, b.c non baby peeps will find that boring. I try REALLY hard to not be boring on here, but dang if ya'll don't blow up the comments when I post about baby stuff. The announcement had 43 Comments ....FORTY-THREE... THE.MOST.EVER. Snubs took one look at that and said " we should've had a baby a long time ago if it means comments!" lol So now I'm confused and need you to vote on that subject in the margin! If you are reading this through reader, please go to the actual and vote! Thanks Ya'll


Sarah said...

Oh hey Laura! Its me Sarah Macon, I thought the "me love" would give away the corn muffin recipe!! Oops! Just goes to show that I dont blog...I'll email you the recipe!

grizaham said...

I think babies are the one thing that eveyone in the world has in common.. Hence the comments.. Good luck!

Julie Bray said...

I have to say, i like both baby talk and other. At this time, I like the baby only because I too am prego. But if I was not, it would definitly bore me and I would be thinking, "why the heck do people with babies always think we all want to hear about it..?"
At least that's what I used to think. I like to read my friend's baby blogs because I'm interested in my friends, but others may not care, may be interested in all the other exciting things going on in your life!
So, if you are to make the blog about baby, call it that, a baby blog..... Either way, I'll keep reading!

jenn said...

First- I added the fb thing but I don't see my cute little pic... did i do something worng???

Second- I have many thoughts on the baby blog thing so I will elaborate
a. It's YOUR blog you should be able to talk about whatev the hell you want. Blogs are supposed to be about what's interesting to you right now.
b. I like to know what's going on with the baby stuff and to think that I could actually help you out with comments and stuff is nice.
c. If people don't like the baby stuff you post enough other stuff that they can skip the baby stuff if they want to and still have stuff to read.
d. You're hilarious and I'm banking on the funny to just get better as you get more preg-o....

anyway, in summary.... you type it I'll read it!

Brandy said...

thanks for linking me! I'm a new follower now. and as for baby talk - my blog is all baby.

Meliha said...

Love the gadget posts, love the home-fix-er-upper related posts on your blog.

But...I don't have any kids right now (don't dislike them...just don't have any), so although the pg/baby related topics/posts are interesting, they're not relevant to my life and aren't AS interesting to me.

I think the bigger question is: what do you want your blog to be about? Is it a personal one about you, your family, etc or a more general one about gadgets, home renovating, etc? Maybe if you knew the ratio of friend/family followers versus "stranger" (people who are not your friends or family) followers, that would help.

I wonder if there's any way to put the baby stuff in a separate area (or what about having a separate blog for it)? I've seen several people set up baby-specific blogs where they post pictures of their belly, pictures of the baby (after born), and talk about pg related issues (morning sickness, feeling tired, etc). That way, those interested in baby stuff can tune into the other area for all baby related happenings and news...and your current blog remains as is (about non-baby stuff). Anyway, just a thought.

Either way, keep up the blogging.


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