Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Neat Etsy Store: Artsy Orange!

A girl after my own heart! I love birds and Airstreams and she has art and jewelry that features both! Cuteness! Artsy Orange Etsy Shop


Melissa said...

I am into the birds and nests too! My grandparents had an airstream when I was growing up and I told Cas I would love to have one one day and decorate it with the vintage stuff. But of course they are much higher than your average camper! Oh and TJMaxx is starting to have birds and nests out with Easter stuff!

Courtney said...

Thanks for posting LG!! I know she would love some new customers!

BTW, she's in the ATL area (Newnan) and does a lot of arts shows around there. For anyone reading the blog wanting to check out more!

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG, my family has airstreams!

grizaham said...

Birds are so nasty and gross. They are rats with wings.. But that jewelry is neat. And airstreams, although i have never been in one, are very dreamy.
War Airstreams!

Wedding 101 said...

We LOVE Artsy Orange. Matter of fact, we have some of her fabulous work in Wedding 101 at The Factory at Franklin. Come see her twist on wedding art even if you are already married. (The artist happens to be a childhood friend of my partner!)

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