Friday, January 8, 2010

My 2010 Workout Plan

I don't really believe in New Years Resolutions, though I do believe in trying not to blow up like a house while I incubate the booboo. So with that in mind, I got motivated to get back in the gym, it also helped that some friends who had easy labors attribute that to walking daily etc..
So I got some 2lb weights in the dollar section of TarJay....

and I used some of my Christmas cash to purchase new work out shoes. I had not bought new ones in 2 years so it was time. I wanted black because all my work out clothes are black and I feel like an old lady in white sneaks. Then I REALLY wanted some Reebok Easytones thanks to that Sexy commercial. I don't care what ya'll say, I believe in that commercial and these shoes WILL make my butt look like that! The fact that they are sold out everywhere means that I am not the only one believing in that commercial! I finally found some in stock on after 2 weeks of searching. I have worn them all week and can feel some soreness in new areas so that is good. I will do a full review after i have used them for a few months. Watch those morning show clips on the website I linked to above!
Then a new app. iTreadmill $1.99 in the app store. Used to be .99 but those cool kats raised the price I am sure for all the resolutioners out there. I have used it and it works! It was calibrated exactly with what the treadmill said which I thought was impressive. My quirk is that you cant open any other apps, b/c it cant run in the background. BUMMER. But it's cheaper than the Nike+ if you need an alternative.
I have managed to get back into the Y this week and it has not been easy going out in that cold weather. I had forgotten how good my workout playlist was until I caught myself having some serious swagger on the treadmill. (Keisha always tries to drop it like its hot in the gym, I try to remind her that people will think that is weird) . Some brat was messing with the fire alarm in there today and almost gave me a SOLID heart attack. After the 3rd time I left... ha but soon I will start posting my stats on here again as that helps me to stay motivated.


Natasha said...

yay!! another nashville blogger... always fun to find! good luck on your working out and i see you're having a baby- congrats!!!!

tootie said...

Cute sneaks! And good for you for hitting the gym.

I need to drag myself there - it's been too long since I worked out!

ml said...

I want some of those SHOES!!! AND, having the goal to NOT blow up like a house is great because that is exactly what I did. I think it may help that you haven't been sick. I was so sick at the beginning, then at the start of my second trimester, when I felt better, I wanted to eat EVERYTHING, because I couldn't eat anything during the first one. I gained 12 lbs in one month. TWELVE.

Courtney said...

Good for you LG! Let me know how those shoes work out...I am interested in them.

Let me know if you find any other cool gym apps...getting my Droid today, and they don't have as many apps as iPhone, they do have a lot. So keep them coming!

Amy said...

Let me know about those shoes...I watch that commercial and want to look like that...I probably can't wear them to exercise but maybe just to kick around. Stay away from the gym in the evenings until February, it is full of the "new years resolution" people until then.

grizaham said...

Great job babe. I think we need to watch Ralphie's weight.. Hes a large butterball.

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