Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Must Have App for All Iphoners!

I read about this app over on Straddling Continents, and I have never heard of it! It is called "Mark the Spot" and is a FREE AT&T app that one would use to literally mark the spot of any reception trouble, such as a dropped call or low signal. This would report back to AT&T so they can be aware of where they have reception troubles.
We rarely have trouble with reception b.c neither Snubbles or I talk much on the phone, we just text etc, but when we were in Philadelphia it was amazing how much trouble we had with reception. Ridiculous even! Soooooo Iphoners UNITE and download, and report back and lets fix the problem!


grizaham said...

So for AT&T the dropped call map would look like Verizon's coverage map! hahaahahahaahhahhh
I LOVE AT&T though.. They keep it real.

War iPhone.

auhays said...

Haha! AT&T is going to have their map completely covered with those little icons. Coverage FAIL. Verizon service>AT&T service, but iPhone>>>>>>anything else. If only the two could get along!

Cas said...

I swapped to AT&T to use a gen 1 iPhone that a friend gave me when he upgraded to the 3G, but then never turned the iPhone on because of the big headache of having to go through corp since i couldn't just put my sim card in. So now I'm stuck with horrible AT&T service and no iPhone. Melissa uses the iPhone to blog from the bed. One of these days though, I'm going to suck it up and hash it out with corp to get my iphone turned on and on the exchange server. If it was as simple as going to an AT&T store and having them do it would have already been done. :(

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