Friday, January 22, 2010

The Kappa Rap!

Susannah sent me a link to THIS BLOG featuring this Kappa Kappa Gamma rap video and it is so cute! Seems like lots of KKG girls are bloggers! In the spirit of KKG I shall list for ya'll all of my pledge sister bloggers:

My Big Sis : Jessica Roe Chapman Otwell

The Congelton Family
The Scroggins Family
The Penuel Family
Life of a Skipper
The Jaquiths

Some other Kappa Blogs I read:
Monograms and Manicures
Being Mrs. Cullins

Did I forget anyone?


M. Congleton said...

HOW FUNNY! I love it!
Laura Caummisar Jaquith has a blog too....

LG said...

Great thanks Mallory! I dont recognize everyone's married names! ha

grizaham said...

Those Baylor University greeks get down!

The Skippers said...

I wish I was that cool. Wait, I am.

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