Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing Apple's New Product: The IPAD

Yesterday was the long anticipated announcement of Apple's Tablet, essentially a large Ipod Touch. Everyone was pretty excited about it, and then blown away by the low price point. I'm not gonna lie, I want one! Do I need one? No! But dang, the thought of a 1lb computer hanging out in a diaper bag sounds pretty awesome to me.
So what all does it do?
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Picture & calendar management
  • Music
  • Tv & Movies
  • Wifi & 3G
  • Games
  • Ebooks
  • Maps
What is it lacking? I think apple always ( wisely) leaves things to be desired so you have a reason to buy the latest and greatest models.
  • camera
  • background running apps (multitasking)
  • Flash

Alot of people are disappointed because they were expecting something crazy wild, and this was pretty much exactly what was predicted, and that is disappointing. I wasn't WOWED like with the iphone announcement, but no one was really excited about the ipod when it first came out either, and LOOK at how successful that has become. Apple is not a company of dummies, and my money is on them. If they make it, if they think its cool , chances are it will be very successful, and when you just compare it to Ebooks, well it definitely squashed the competition and the price is so similar I cant imagine anyone not choosing it over the Nook, Kindle & Sony books.

Keyboard shot: (it is all touchscreen)
Case with a kickstand for watching TV etc:
Keyboard Dock, pretty brilliant turning it into a regular computer
Desktop Dock which allows the ipad to become a digital picture frame rotating your pictures when not in use.
Price Points:

So, something for everyone. Someone like my mom could get by with the 16gig, because she doesn't have a huge itunes library and is a light computer user, but for me with a 5,000 song itunes library and tons of Tv shows/movies... I like the big daddy!

I also think this is a great way to introduce people like Granpa or my Nonie to the Mac world. Its a low investment computer for them that would be really fun to use.

Keynote Video Link

Apple Commercial

*pictures from engadget **


Anonymous said...

Hi LG, I'm a PC.

Can we remain friends?

Circle Yes or No.




kevin kinley said...

I like it and don't like it...

The Problem with the Apple iPad...

grizaham said...

Its pretty awesome.. Apple continues to push the bounds of technology!

I blame Obama for no flash or camera. ;-)

It is VERY hard to please people these days.. Our generation has unfortunatly a bunch of complainers...


auhays said...

They should call it the iRad, cuz it looks awesome! Seacrest OUT

Cas said...

As an out of the closet Apple user I was pretty excited about the iPad until the release. After looking at it, I don't really see how I get much use out of it since I already have an iPhone and an iPod. It sure does look pretty though... Must touch screen... hahahaha, I'll probably get suckered into one at some point, darn you Steve Jobs for sucking me into so many things!

Anonymous said...

it looks great! OMG! What bound of technology did Apple push yesterday? Step back apple fans and look at the big picture. Do you want to be in control or be controlled?...

'This is a huge step backward in the history of computing,' said FSF's Holmes Wilson, 'If the first personal computers required permission from the manufacturer for each new program or new feature, the history of computing would be as dismally totalitarian as the milieu in Apple's famous Super Bowl ad.' The iPad has DRM writ large: you can only install what Apple says you may, and 'computing' goes consumer mainstream — no more twiddling, just sit back, spend your money, and watch the show — while we allow you to." What is clear is that the rise of the App Store removes control of the computer from the user. It makes me wonder what the next generation of OS X will look like.

Cory Holder said...

I totally disagree with the statement someone that puts software developers to work for a living I have seen a lot of developers have their chance to shine as an independent driver with an idea that can sell...all on a platform that is controlled, but still allows creativity. Apple is great at what it knows how to capture what the market wants and it does it in a way that is profitable and enjoyable to watch for consumers. They don't try to be everything, they are just good at what they choose to take on. I'm all for a free market, but in my humble opinion Apple is a leader in technology and has a formula that works....ah, the American dream. Viva la Apple!

Meliha said...

Kudos to Apple for coming out with a product that can do SOME things...but not everything. Sure wish it could play HD video...

Almost everyone I've talked to has said they're underwhelmed by iPad, and it's getting mixed reviews from industry journalists. In Silicon Valley (in the heart of the technology sector), I have yet to meet a single person who says he/she will actually buy it. (I did find a couple of people who said they might buy HP's "Slate" when it comes out though...LOL)

Check out this article by Gizmodo:
Oh and don't miss out on the 4x iPhone graphic (w/ duct tape!) someone created and put in the comments area below the article...HA!


kevin kinley said...

Apple taking us back to 1950 television era?...

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