Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Promise I am Not Trying to Beat Ya'll Down with Baby Talk...

But I can't really resist telling you about these itsy bitsy cute little baby clothes I got on MEGA sale from Children's Place. I spent like $20 total so if it turns out booboo Griza is a boy, then I will gladly gift these to one of my many pregnant girlfriends who are for sure having little ladies. I put the prices next to the items ( hope you can read that fine print) but lets just say cute baby clothes for $2 is a steal AND I enjoy things with peace signs on them. I shall plaster the small child in peace signs until it is old enough to tell me it would prefer gingham and smocks.( In which case I am to enjoy the same sorts of headaches and fits I gave my mother.)


grizaham said...

Baby Talk!
Sounds like a cool new music group! Maybe not but our baby is going to well versed in music and concert going! ;-)

Jessica said...

Great deals! My suggestion (cause I'm sure you haven't heard enough of those already) is to buy it when you see it...because later, when you decide you want it, it will be all gone!
Yours is going to be one stylish baby :)

Melissa and Cas said...

I am drawn to the girl things too! I have a huge box full already of just girl things and um we are not getting married until September! Maybe I should have a box of wedding things??? Happy Baby shopping! I am a smocked girl though.....mine will probably be begging to get out of the smocked! I can only dress them for so long and then they want to wear things up to their butt and hang out with the opposite sex and avoid their mothers! Ahh payback!

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