Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Organized in The Kitchen!

I have come to appreciate the kitchen more lately, now that I am actually using it! The more I use it the more I see what I use the most, and how things should be arranged or organized for efficiency. So I am constantly moving things around till I get it just right. Now if there is anything I love in the name of organizing, it is BOXES and LABELS. I am a bit obsessed with boxes of all sorts, shapes and sizes. January is the perfect month to discuss such things since generally all organizing equipment goes on sale for the resolutioners.

Pictured below :
Tupperware Modular Mates which, I might add are on sale 40% off this month! That is huge, cause they ain't cheap! I got mine a few years back (for a steal) in one huge lot on ebay when a Tupperware rep quit the business SCORE! Santa brought me a new bin this year as well. They are clear so you can see the contents and know when its time to restock. I also like to put a date sticker on the bottoms so that I know when they were filled and if the contents might be stale!

My new Tupperware fun is Freezer Mates. They are also clear so you can see the contents and are fridge and freezer friendly. They also stack nicely in the fridge making it easy to see your choices. They come in lots of sizes. I get mine from the Tupperware Lady at the Flea Market b.c she sells off her loose pieces for a discount. I only have a few pieces right now but plan to expand my collection over time!

Now for some REAL fun! Erasable Labels from! They are earth friendly, wallet friendly and easy to use. Each package comes with 3 sizes, the marker and the eraser for the labels. They stay on even in the dishwasher! Great for Leftover labeling since that changes a lot.
Happy Organizing!!


Sheila said...

UGH! I'm totally jealous of all your organizational stuff!:)

grizaham said...

I have enjoyed how organized the kitchen is lately. Great job!

Natasha said...

when we finally move into our new house next month i am going to have to use all of your organizing tips!!!

Josh and Beth said...

Are all these containers from Tupperware? I need to do something like this!

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