Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fondue Dinner Party!

Friday night, the McKibbons invited us over for a Fondue Dinner. I was expecting some bread and cheese dip, but was totally surprised by how serious, and professional the Kibbers do Fondue. Why have I never thought of this? Dang! We got a Fondue pot for a wedding present (thanks to Christi B.W.). Now I will be copying this fantastic idea below.

We started with a Cheese mixture ( add worstershire, garlic, beer) and some bread bites, veggies.

Next coarse was chicken, beef, pizza bites, cheese sticks, stuffed mushrooms, beans, pickels, potatoes and in the pot was hot oil and she had some tempura batter to dip some items in. She also had about 5,000 yummy condiments and Keisha loves dem condiments!

After that, was dessert. White chocolate, milk chocolate, and milk. Dipped in that were strawberries, graham crackers, oreos, cheesecake, peppermint cheesecake, and bananas.

It was a completely fantastic time! So lesson to be learned here is when the Kibbers ask you over for dinner; say YES. and to have some fun Fondue dinner parties as soon as I am not taking 45 naps a day.

Click HERE for a link to some Fondue Recipes from "The Melting Pot"


brown eyed girl said...

Damn. I only see a spread that extensive at The Melting Pot (sooo good)!! I am quite impressed. I have a fondue pot but never use it, I should get involved in that!

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Cary said...

I cannot wait for the Kibbers to invite me!!! Ha!

Julie Bray said...

Wish I knew the Kibbers! Until then, hope I get an invite to a Graham fondue party...
Next time you're in Atlanta, go to Dantes Down the Hatch in Buckhead. They have fantastic fondue & a fun atmosphere!

Mississippi Candice said...

That is AWESOME!! I am jealous!

Renee said...

We are so glad you enjoyed it. It's fun to prepare and do. The more the merrier. See you guys soon!!

grizaham said...

Seriously tasty times!

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