Friday, January 22, 2010

The Closet Rennovation: Step 3

You remember that it started like this, which looks ok in pictures, but in person you would notice that instead of closet rails, huge pipes were used and you scrape your knuckles trying to get a coat hanger on there. You would also see the wasted space and interesting paint job and basement access.

So the first step was removal of all clothes etc. That was some work and we put it all in the office/nursery room. I should post a pic of that.
See this huge pipe thing? That was the hanging rail.I guess picking up an actual closet rail as too much trouble for these peeps.
and I love how all construction works paint AROUND things. It is not that much trouble to paint an entire wall, and I am funny like that, even if it is BEHIND the fridge, I want that wall to match the rest. I just do. How do you like that hole there. NICE. Great place for the mice to creep in.
Next my bubs went around and patched all holes etc and those will be sanded down before the repainting begins.
The carpet situation is still under debate. Neither of us know how to lay carpet, but I am thinking we could you tube some instructions and get to it. Thoughts? Anyone done this before?
Stay tuned for the reveal on Monday. The shelving arrives tomorrow and I have HUGE hopes of being done by Monday, and that's saying a lot since Bubbs is working on Sunday.


Courtney said...

Good luck! Super exciting to get a new closet!!

Julie said...

That is so fun! You should paint your closet a super fun color!

grizaham said...

There is an unauthorized picture of me on this post! ;-)
Yeah, I am really not feeling closet work tomorrow and i have a strange feeling the instructions are going to be INSANE hard!

Susannah said...

yay! cant wait to see what you have in store for us!!!

Cas said...

I don't know how to lay carpet, but we had to have 2 sections replaced at our house and it only cost us 75 dollars for both rooms. (we had carpet left from the builder so we didn't have to buy that.) The guy that patched it looked like he used some tape and then ironed the sections together. Looks like you might need to add a tack strip there at the wall too.

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