Thursday, January 21, 2010

Closet Organization on Martha Today!

Today Martha had Kevin Sharkey on the show and he talked about re-doing his closets with California Closets and it was amazing. He also gave out some great tips!

Here is a link to a preview of the show featuring his closet renovation.

Here are Some of Kevin's Tips:

Closet Must-Haves
Make your closet more manageable with these handy items Kevin discovered during his renovation:

  • Hangers designed for all types of clothing, The Great American Hanger Company

  • Commercial garment rack for hanging clothes, The Container Store

  • Men's shoe tree and boot tree to keep footwear looking its best, Woodlore

  • Unisex boot shaper to keep boots in tip-top shape, The Container Store

  • Rationell Variera nonskid drawer liner to prevent slippage, Ikea stores

  • Acid-free tissue paper to line drawers and place between sweaters, Talas

  • Square mirror tiles to refract light and make your closet look brighter, Home Depot stores

  • Acrylic drawer liners to organize smaller belongings, California Closets
He also mentioned how they asked him alot of really important questions before doing his design, like :
  • Do you hang or fold your sweaters?
  • Do you want your shoes on shelves, in cubby holes, or do you keep them in boxes?
  • Will you be sharing this closet with a spouse? If so what side do you gravitate towards?
  • What types of things will be stored in this closet?

All of this is just in time for our re-organization of the master closet. We have it almost entirely empty now. Painting will be the next step!


grizaham said...

Our closet is going to be sweet!

Melissa and Cas said...

Well lets closet looks like natural disaster (I being the disaster) went through it! I (Cas) fold my sweaters until I need one and then I have to stick some object up their to pull it down because I am too short and then they all come down! I have some shoes on a shelf and the rest in a rubbermaid container until I get boxes. Their may or may not be a scattering of them throughout the house and car as well! Cas has his own closet because their is not even room for my clothes in our little crappy closet (and well I have too much ****). I need closet therapy! Is their a retreat we can sign up for?????

Meliha said...

Clicked on the link about the special hanger types...EXPENSIVE! Seriously wish this stuff was more affordable...

LG said...

Oh Meliha I had not checked on the prices yet but I saw them on the Martha show and gathered as much! Try buying them at Bed Bath & Beyond or The COntainer Store first!

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