Sunday, January 10, 2010

Closet Makeover: BEFORE

I'm getting ready to show you guys some MESSY pictures of our MESSY closet. Judge if you must. The simple fact of the matter is, it was poorly designed. Pretty to look at, yes, but space concious? NO WAY. Only one wall actually has storage/hanging so we end up with a lot of piles as you can see below. The office was helping with that since i had 2 full clothing racks in there, but not that is no longer an option, we must make better use of our actual closet. I am doing TONS of research online. My plan is to buy the materials and Erik and I install. That should be interesting. I am really curious to hear if any of you have done this before? Brands, styles, suggestions?
What I have discovered so far is that Elpha ( from The Container Store) will design a closet for you for free once you provide measurements. ClosetMaid will design your closet for you with measurements and $5. Those are the only 2 I can get to work online. I emailed California Closets for a design and quote and have not heard back. Same with
I cant get to work on my computer. Do you all have any other brands I should check out?

...and this (below) is more of the look I am after. I read once that you should wallpaper your closet to look like the inside of a jewelry box and I thought that sounded so fabulous. The problem I am thinking now with that idea is that, prints look busy and less organized ... I want all white shelving because I think that looks the tidiest.


jenn said...

I am the worst closet person ever so when you find all this stuff out let a sista know so that it'll be easier for me! ha!

Susannah said...

You two will be able to install and fix up the existing closet-those after pics are super pretty, but not affordable! Those things run like 2000 dollars!

ml said...

Hays and I have great shelving, but I managed to junk it up. I will definitely be doing some closet cleaning during spring break. We do an annual yard sale every April and it is a GREAT excuse to get rid of stuff and straighten closets!

short southern momma said...

When your done can you come do mine? I have a little something waiting for you over at my place when you get time! XOXO

The Masters said...

OMG! Mark and I are working on this right now for our master closet. Although, for us, it involves building the closet first!!!! We went to the IKEA store and were flat out blow away.
They have closet consultants that will do the same and their prices are unbeatable. A Dr. in my neighborhood turned her smallest bedroom into a huge walkin closet with tons of shelving and she said her original quote from california was $5000 and at Ikea she got it for less than $1000. Keep me posted on what you find!!!! We're gonna have to do the same for the kids room too! Worst use of space ever in that closet!!!!

grizaham said...

Yikes, This looks like lots of work for Erik.. I think i can, I think i can..

Cory Holder said...

You have me thinking more and more about closets LG...I'm now thinking of doing ours and the one in the future nursery. Space management is not my strong point...I need professional help! I'm excited to see the direction you go in!

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