Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Kitchen #FAIL. Thanks Martha!

I'm still working on the cooking skills! This particular night the bubs was off work and here to help. Usually that is not good since he has this habit of trying to alter recipes and get all creative ( French toast with cheese , pepper and salt anyone?) ... Granpa I blame you for this b.c I think you like to concoct your own recipes as well! Must run in the family! ha
Anyway I took a recipe from my new Martha cookbook for Califlower Au Gratin and it was expensive, time consuming and very ungood, in my personal opinion. Some of you may love it. If so come over here and get the whole dish of it since neither of us really ate any!

CT thanks for the tip: My sous chef grating the $NINE$ dollar cheese for this recipe. I would have substituted that cheese, except Erik was the one who went to the grocery and mens don't know about budget grocery shopping cause I don't think they look at the prices.
My 2 Assistants/clean up crew
The Taste Tester:
The final result , along with the baked rice recipe. I made by baking 1 cup rice with 1 chopped onion, 1 can mushrooms, 1 can beef consume, and 11 oz water. Next time I will make with no water, 2 cans beef consume and more butters.

So once we were done with this 2 hour kitchen party, we sat done to eat, it was icky and I made a PB&J and called it a night. Until Next time.......

PS CLICK HERE To print out a weekly menu planner. I am gonna try to join the ladies of Menu Mondays soon!


Cory Holder said...

Sorry it didn't work out, starting with Martha recipes might be your problem...a lot of things she does is "expert level" and since you are starting out it might be easier to go with recipes that are more at your level. I also have learned I need to READ the recipes...if I don't I get into trouble w/ not having a tool or something. Cooking is tricky!

Courtney said...

Hm, I'm with CBears. Not a huge Martha fan. She's kinda tough. But keep at it, things will get better!

Way to go sous-chef Erikhead!

jenn said...

First of all, EW to califlower! Second, that rug sure does look good in the pics! Love it!

auhays said...

I will teach Erikface the art of man-shopping. You absolutely look at the prices, and refuse to buy anything that is not on sale or appears to be a good deal. You also must be man enough to present coupons to the cashier!

Courtney said...

you need some good old southern cookbooks, like the one that our church in mville made a few years ago. all of those recipes are yummy and easy! i do most of my cooking with recipes from that book, from southern living mags or from a demopolis cookbook that i have. oh and of course paula dean!

brown eyed girl said...

I need to get this off of my chest, but Martha is a lying, cheatin' ho. So therefore, her recipes are not able to be made by good people and people who aren't obsessively striving for perfection like she is.

I love some of the recipes she comes up with but I can't even make them!

And yayyyyy for joining Menu Mondays!!

Susannah said...

I agree with Cory-and cauliflower gratin sounds gross anyway! :D Was the rice not good? It has a stick of butter in it-how can it suck?

Amy said...

Well we all my love (read obsession with Martha-pronounce it like Mar-tha-with a long r, that is how I like it. ha!) Anyways, I love her and I love to cook but I too think her recipes are hard and expensive. You need simplier recipes for sure, try, you can look at variations of recipes and then choose the one you like, think is easy, etc. Also, I agree, califlower anything sounds disgusting.

Amity said...

love martha and maybe it was the cauliflower that made it yucko. definitely never the cheese.

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