Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol: The New Season Begins!

WOAH. Watching American Idol tonight. I am so excited it has started back, but I always hate the goofy beginnings. Very excited that Victoria Beckham is on the cast this year. I loved her reality show and think she will be a fun addition, just waiting for her to let more of her personality show through.
The 1st girl they showed made me cringe. The one jumping around with that dang belly shirt on. What.Was.She.Thinking?!
Loved the girl with all the adopted DS bros. That was a sweet story and almost made me cry in 30 secs. She was good too and picked a pretty worldly song for her age! A++
I think the guy that was kind of strawberry blonde in the black beanie and grey shirt will be on the show toward the end! He was good! Cant remember his name but he sang

Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade Loved that big Italian guy. He will be fun to watch!

The Atlanta Show tonight had Mary J who I love to sing, but she wasn't so fun on the panel or very open minded about any type of music outside of her own genre. She looked BORED which really annoyed me.
LOVED Jermain that sang the Joan Osborne song! I hope he is a late contender too, maybe even a winner! That poor, poor girl from Tennessee. Ohhh Honey, that was tragic. Was she for REAL that country? Atleast she sang decent and dressed decent.She will be real fun to watch.
The girl dresses as a guitar was interesting. Besides the outfit I did really like her.

What did you guys think? Any favorites? Are you ready for a new Season of Idol?


Melissa and Cas said...

I have not seen any of AI yet, everyone has had some funny stories though! OK so I made Cas take me to the TJMaxx right down from our hotel in NC this am before we left and then I made him hand over his blackberry so I could read have us hanging with the results of the test! LOL

Sheila said...

oh girl! I liked the girl who wore the "guitar" outfit! Didn't like her outfit - but loved her voice!
OH! And what about the 62 year old "pants to the ground !pants to the ground! lookin' like a fool with your pants to the ground!" LOL! Crack me up!!!

grizaham said...

AI is always a great view.. Hilarious, sad and scary all at the same time..

Love the southern accents in GA..


Chad Grout said...

Dudicles - crazy how they find all these people from the stix. I like that Kara is diggin' all the down home country folk though. With Gwyneth Paltrow in Nashville filming a movie with Tim McGraw right now (she's staying at the Hutton FYI) we've got this Hollywood comes to Nashvegas vibe going right now. Yes, they're toothless, poor and really dirty, but they sing well and damn if it ain't just so REAL you wanna cry. Well, I'm glad AI is back on and I am going to be dragging ass with my PANTS on da GROUND for the rest of the season...just like those peeps that Bilbo barks at walking by my house all day long. w00t!

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