Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Absolutely Delicious and EASY!!

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Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes



  1. 7 tablespoons all purpose flour
  2. 1 tablespoon sugar
  3. 1 teaspoon baking soda
  4. 1/ 2 teaspoon salt
  5. 1 cup sour cream (I swapped some with yogurt when I realized I was short, to no ill-effect)
  6. 2 large eggs
  7. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  8. Butter
  9. Maple syrup (or perhaps some Cranberry Syrup)


  1. Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle over medium-low heat; you want it to slowly get nice and hot.
  2. Stir the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt together in the bottom of a medium bowl. Dump the sour cream in on top and stir it together very gently; it’s okay to leave the texture a bit uneven. Whisk the eggs and vanilla in a separate bowl and stir them into the sour cream mixture, once again, being careful not to overmix.
  3. Melt about a tablespoon of butter in your skillet or griddle and pour the batter in, a scant 1/4 cup at a time. Cook for about 2 minutes on the first side, or until bubbles appear all over the surface [See Pancakes 101 for this and other tips], flipping them carefully and cooking for about a minute on the other side. Repeat with remaining batter.
  4. Serve in a stack, topped with a pat of butter and a cascade of maple syrup.
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Melissa said...

I may have to try these! Our pancakes yesterday came from the mix I buy at Sam's!

grizaham said...

Laura left me one of these pancakes. I re heated it and it was VERY TASTY! Best pancake ever. Please make me more.. ;-)

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