Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ipad in the Car, Remote Control and All!

My love for the ipad grow more every day! I have mentioned before how we now use it in the car like a DVD player and thought I would show you some fun and cool accessories!

First up: Griffin Cinema Seat

It costs more than it should but after spending a day with my arm stretched out holding the ipad up for piggy, I was Ok with paying the $.  It has a mesh pocket on back for storage and a velcro strap to wrap around the head rest in the car.

Next is the equivalent of finding a unicorn because it took alot of searching! a REMOTE control for the ipad. Someone needs to make an app that your iphone can use to remotely control the ipad! STAT
Until then for $8 you can get this on ebay:
Pretty sure I pulled a muscle trying to reach into the back seat and rewind Einstein on the way home from my parents house after Christmas!

The mesh pocked on the back of the cinema seat is the perfect spot to store the remote and the remote receiver when not in use.

and next is some great software called HANDBRAKE. It is a free download and what you will use to rip your personal DVD collection into itunes and be able to load them onto your ipad.

Recently I learned that you can download music and movies from amazon and their prices are better than itunes. You just drag your downloads into itunes and it will show up with all of your other content. Maybe you guys all knew that and I am just late to the party?

Piggy is 5 Months Old: How Did This Happen?

I am just stunned that my piggy baby is now 5 months old... and let me tell you, ALOT can happen in 5 months. Its pretty neat. Babies are like living science projects because every day there is some change or development, and I gotta tell ya, its a lot of fun to watch.
I have decided to make up my own monthly update, much like the pregnancy updates because if you dont have a baby, or if you have a younger one you may be curious about certain details.( I know I am anyway) so here we go!

5 Months ( Dec. 28, 2010)

Weight: approx 20 lbs. We have not weighed him in a month!
Height: Approx 27 inches ( see above)
Size Clothes : 12 months
Food: I am still breast feeding. I have no actual goal in mind, but rather just want to do it till I think I should stop. I recently became concerned about not making enough milk ( which incidentally is not a concept I believe in, I think your body naturally accomadates the baby as it should, when it should barring any medical problem etc) but anyway, peebs was seeming annoyed and gummed me a time or 2 and turns out, i was not drinking enough water. I used to drink TONS of water and had an app on my phone to keep up with intake, but lately have been drinking less fluids and more sprite that water... which could explain the muffin top I cant get rid of. Anyway,  milk was back in full swing once I was hydrated.
We have also just started solids or baby food I should say. I am reading and learning all about that and will do posts just on that topic but for now I will say he LOVES to eat and knew exactly how to do that when we offered him the cereal. He prefers it more thick than runny though and is very content and happy after a big cereal meal. This makes NO difference in how he sleeps at night, and that is right in line with all research about baby sleeping. food/cereal etc does not = sleep.

New Accomplishments: He has all of a sudden become very busy. He went from kind of hanging out and looking around to noticing everything. He grabs at everything he can get at, he tries to touch things on the ipad when he watches Einstein, he puts both hands around our faces now when we are talking to him and that is so cute!
- He has rolled over once, but not again since then. He is kind of a one trick pony, he does things once to show us he can, and then doesn't repeat them again for weeks. Same thing with sleeping through the night.
- He can push up really well when he is on the floor doing tummy time. He has also started noticing and LOVING the doggles. He thinks they are hilarious and smiles and laughs at them a ton.

Toys: PB's fav. toys are now his exersaucer, baby einstein videos and he is finally noticing and enjoying his lovey.  He spends most of his awake time playing in the exersaucer and he loves watching Einstein videos. They have been great for him to watch when we travel because he does not get bored in the car and have melt downs. I have a teething ring for him, but he is only mildly interested in it as he cant really hold it in his mouth the way he should. I think he likes his lovey now because it feels like my robe which he associates with snuggling and booby snacks.

Sleeping: HA Sleep? What's that? Just kidding he does sleep, but our biggest problem is we take a few steps forward then go right backward from traveling. He is doing excellent with his day time sleep taking two 2 hour naps a day at 9am and 3 pm. A few cat naps in between. He goes down at 7pm and I generally get him out of his bed at 7 or 7:30 am. He wakes up atleast twice a night most nights, and sometimes I feed him and sometimes I dont! It just depends on the circumstances and the type of crying he is doing. He is not actually hungry, it is just a social call but sometimes I am just too weak and tired to let him CIO, and so I go in there and hang out for 5 mins and then go back to bed. But he is a smart little fella and if I give in once he will ALWAYS start waking up more frequently to see if I will come then too, so overall I am trying to break this habit. I can tell you something that is as true as the sky is blue; I read somewhere that sleep begets sleep, and for sure it does, so if he naps well and often during the day he sleeps much better at night.

Baby Gear: The things we use most now are: exersaucer, stroller, Einstein dvds, sleep sack. There are a lot of other baby gears we would use, except that he is too dang big and heavy! My million dollar idea is to make a line of husky baby things because all the things targeted at his age group are too small or weak :(  we got him a new tub seat because he HATES sitting reclined or laying back. He thinks this seat is neat.
Emotions: He has lots of emotions now. Gone are the days of crying as a means of communicating needs, because he learned very quickly into his 4th month that crying will get him whatever he wants, because momma doesn't like crying. ( Again trying to resist temptation to give in). Rarely will he make real tears when he cries but he can.
- He also gets angry with certain things and will grab at his hair in frustration which can leave sad little marks on his head. For some reason he dislikes this scene on baby Einstein with eggs in it and he will cry or get angry about it.EVERY.TIME. He gets angry if we are slow to give him his next bite of cereal or if we run out and has a tantrum.
- Laughing... he is so good at laughing and I wish I knew what his thought process behind that is. He loves animals in life or on TV and laughs at them a lot. he also laughs tons when Ralphie is on a barking tangent. He laughs when Erik does his hair swish ( if you know E then you know exactly what i am talking about)
- Tantrums - he has just learned how to do this and will arch his back and sling his head back in objection to whatever he dislikes. Mostly he does this when he is sleepy faced.
But he is still pretty dang cute even when cry crying.

All in all, this is a fascinating adventure and I am really enjoying it. I just cant even imagine that he will be talking one day!  Time is flying by. I listened to Taylor Swift singing "Dont you ever grow up tonight" and did a little cry crying myself!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: Piggy's 1st Christmas!

Too much to write about so I shall just show some pics.
I am embarrassed to say, this is Peeb's Santa presents. I saw lots of other babies 1st Christmas pictures on twitter etc and felt bad that peebs got jipped, especially since he was such a good boy. Santa just didn't think he would remember much yet.....
4 sad little presents.....

Thank goodness his bebe and Cc and Nonie got him lots of new outfits and stuff!Here are some of those:

practicing tummy time with daddy!
my cousin Anna who is like 11 took so many great pictures with my camera of him over the break
He got to meet MeMe Chestnutt and loves her as much as I do! He offered her lots of spit up for her to take home as souvenirs!

Lots of playtime with cousin Wilburs. Will showed him how ti use all of his toys, including his teething rings.

I got a new Juicy suit from my bubs and thank goodness for that! I needed one terribly!
I got a J.Crew Colleta coat from Santa which I LOVE!  I have always wanted a coat from J.Crew b/c of the Thinsulate and they come in Tall sizes so me (and my monkey arms) are really excited about this!

@grizaham did not co-operate with the picture taking of presents so you will just have to use your imagination. Most of his presents were orange and blue! Except for that stupid Video game I regretfully bought him!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iphone App Review: Sport Schedule

Where has this app been all my life? I can not tell you the countless times I , as well as just about everyone in our fam, has entered by hand the entire Titans, Predators and Auburn Tigers game schedule into ical.
Well this app allows you to choose all of your teams to follow, and gives you an option to add the game date, time and channel to your calendar, all with the push of a button! It works flawlessly and is 99cents well spent!
It is called "Sport Schedule". I heard about it on the Today In Iphone Podcast! Many more app reviews coming, I am just behind from Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Food & Feeding : Q & A

I have some majah baby feeding questions for all you mommas out there. The 4 month check up with Peebs Pedi was not as scheduled b.c he had an issue and we went in for an urgent visit with the doctor on call and not our regular guy. I didn't get a talk about baby food yet so I am soo clueless and hoping you all can teach me some things!

- First of all, we have started the rice cereal. I mix it with Breast milk and give it to him. Currently I do it twice a day , 1tbsp each time. Is that enough? How often and how much does he need? Do I also nurse him when I feed him this cereal or is the cereal enough? He will be 5 months old this week ( shocking)....
- Also what is the consistency supposed to be like for a 5 month old lad?

He loves it and eats it up and cries if we are not giving it to him fast enough, but I can not stop worrying about if I am doing it properly!

It occurs to me lately the amount of stress and worry that I have over all issues related to my not so tiny baby, and how I probably need medication for that. like stat.

I still can not WAIT to use this thing:

Oh the fun we shall have then!

iPhone Picture Dump!

My IRL bestie @edwardsedition suggested everyone do an iPhone picture dump blog since we are all busy with the holidays! Great idea!
Christmas lights outside our house. Yard flair is a must in our neighborhood!

My sparkly sweatshirt from the J.crew outlet! I love it. I bought it was my boobs were too engorged to fit in it in hopes that I would one day be able to fit into it! Whew! So glad they went down!


We took Peebles in a marathon day of outlet shopping and he was a doll. He loves to shop, probably bc of all the friends he makes and sights he gets to see. I bought one of those JJ Cole bunting things that you can put on your car seat or stroller and its pretty awesome, kind of like a built in Sleeping bag. Blankets tend to fall off car seats/strollers b.c baby is kicking, you are moving etc so this is much warmer and stays in place. He got so cozy he took 2 nice naps while shopping. I also LOVE that universal stroller console.

PB LOVES Baby Einstein lately. I mean LOVES it. It has been especially helpful in the car on road trips cause he just watches them instead of having meltdowns....

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Monday, December 20, 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things:

I posted this back in 2008, and it is still just as true now as it was then! I have also added some new things for this year:

In honor of the Christmas Season, I decided to do a post in TRUE Oprah style, a list of some of my favorite things. These are great gift ideas for some of you who don't know what to get So & So from the office etc... Each of the items is an actual link to where you can purchase them online.
So in no particular order ....

1. OXO Liquiseal Travel Coffee Mugs.
I.LOVE.COFFEE. I really do, and these are the only travel mugs that work. They don't have handles so they fit well in the cup holder AND once you click that button for it to be closed you can absolutely sling it around in your purse all day full of coffee and get NO spillage. These are not cheap, but sometimes you can find them at T.J. Maxx for like $8. BBB sells them for $20

2.Reisenthel Collapsable Storage Boxes
If you have ever been to our house, then you have seen my obsession with this boxes. They collapse flat if you are not using them, but they velcro shut and have handles on both sides so when you are using them, they are easy to pick up and move. I do alot of closet storage in them and when we moved I was so thankful that some things were already in boxes and didn't have to be packed or carried so carefully! They come in 3 sizes and 7 patterns.
3.Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works
Also obsessed with these! they are like Plug Ins but last longer and don't cause house fires. They come in LOTS of wonderful scents which I change up with the time of year! Right now you can get some awesome holiday scents like Cranberry or Winter White!
4. Juicy Suits
I really do love these things! That is why I sell them. They are super comfy, can be washed and dried without shrinking and they are actually flattering to the figure. I prefer the solid color velour with no writing on the booty. Expensive YES, worth it TOTALLY.

5. OPI Nail Polish
I love to paint my nails and this is my FAV brand.
6. The Iphone.
No. words. Needed.
7. Tervis Tumblers
These cups are awesome. Maybe not the cutest but they don't sweat, leave rings on the table, and they keep your drink hot or cold. Made even better by the fact that you can get cute emblems in them like your team or initials AND they now make lids and straws for them.

2010 Updates:

8. Mrs Meyer's countertop spray ( or any cleaners) in the "Basil" Scent.
This stuff smells amazing and is priced pretty decently and is not full of harsh chemicals.They make holiday gift sets for $24.99

9. Cuisinart brand Keurig Brewer
After everyone in my family got Keurigs for Christmas last year, I was a FAN. This is the one E and I have and we LOVE It. It can make coffee, tea , or cocoa, has a built in water filter and makes several different size cups. It comes with a reusable pod that you can put your own bagged coffee into as well. Love, love LOVE this, and most people who have come to visit us this fall have gone home and bought one of these.

10. The iPad
This thing has been amazing. I have really enjoyed it from when I was pregnant and couldn't sleep or comfortably hold a laptop, to when we now travel with 12 ka-thousand baby items and don't have room for all the electronics I once packed. It has an amazing battery life, I can load my pictures on it and peebs watches baby Einstein on it in the car which saves us from melt downs on road trips. Not to mention being able to read books on it, watch movies, use it like a cook book in the kitchen etc.
11. The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller 
This has been awesome! Taking a baby on the town ( especially a 1st baby) is not always easy but this has made it MUCH easier. I can put his car seat in the frame, add a 2nd seat(2nd child) , it has a HUGE storage basket for when we shop and I used the bassinet as his bed for the first few months he was here. Every SINGLE time I go out, someone compliments how nifty this system is and it is a breeze to fold.

12. LabelOnce Erasable Labels
I used these on EVERYTHING! and I love them! They are great for tupperware and all my huge plastic bins so that when I change the contents, I can just erase and re-label.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Randomosity...

I have had a lot of posts go un-posted lately because they simply were not content rich! ha so today I shall combine a lot of small thoughts for you all!

  • I saw on Classy & Fabulous blog that Mariah Carey released a new Christmas Album. HOW did I not know about this? Her original Christmas album has been my all time favorite for YEARS.  I purchased it right away and I have to say I really like it, which is odd considering I don't care for her other music that much. Also its comical how airbrushed, skinny, & young she is on the album cover! Get REAL! HA! She is pregnant, with twins right now, but to be fair, maybe she took this pic when she was 18.
  • I am also really enjoying James Taylor and Kenny G Christmas music!
  • Have you all heard of these Pajama jeans. I am so intrigued since I love wearing Pajama type clothes all day. Thus my eternal love for the Juicy Suit. Someone told me this past year in order to dress as me for Halloween they needed a juicy suit, uggs, iphone ,a ponytail and some big earrings. sad and very true. ha
  • Some nervy lady broke in line in front of me at Target yesterday. That seems to happen a lot. For the life of me I can NOT understand what people are thinking. Do they think no one will notice? Do they not care if its rude and inconsiderate? I am guessing that she will think twice before doing that again after the tongue lashing I gave her, which incidentally everyone in line ( it was a huge line) thanked me for calling her out, but none of them were gonna say anything....
  • We have been having a blast with our Christmas cards and gotten lots of good ones this year.
  • I find the ipad to be like the ipod when it first hit the scene. at first you don't really know if you will use it enough to justify it or if you "need" it but once you take the plunge, soon enough you cant live without it. I LOVE my ipad. I have used it TONS with PB lately!
  • Do ya'll watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I cant get enough of this show for so many reasons but Camille trips me OUT. she is obvi heavily medicated. I get so embarrassed for her when she starts trying to sexy dance in public. argghhhhhhhh and I think its hilarious that she talks about how hard it is to be a mom with THREE nannies and various other staff.

Christmas Ideas For Kids...

Not very realistic stuff but just some unusual stuff I have stumbled across lately:

Children's Recliners & Theatre Seating ! Isnt this Hilarious?
Boiled Wool Critter Slippers !

I know PB makes some great chairs but I do enjoy this one with peace signs on it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Really Neat Idea!

I saw this at a friends house this weekend. It is a giant metal ring, similar to a key ring with a clasp. It is called a "Blessing Ring" and the purpose of it is to hold all of your child's greeting cards over the years. You punch a hole in the top corner and thread it onto the ring. I think that is Soooooo neat. I shall be securing myself one of these STAT. She had it hanging on a door knob it the child's room and it was very sweet!   

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life Changing Experience....

I recently learned from @coryholder that you can shop for your groceries online with Harris Teeter and they will bag them up and bring them out to your car in this drive through window sort of fashion. This is AWESOME. I mean, with a sleeping baby in the car, rain, snow, or when I was HUGEly pregnant and it hurt to walk, that would have been a great time to pick up groceries in a drive through.
Nicole please forgive me for cheating on The Turnip Truck!  I still get essentials there like clean meat, but dang, I sure do appreciate the ability to work on my grocery cart for 3 days right next to my recipes and then submit whenever I am ready to go pick it up! The service costs $4.95.  TOTALLY worth it!
Its called Harris Teeter Express Lane. You can click HERE to see if you have a participating Harris Teeter in your town/state.
Oh, AND they also bagged everything up properly, and neatly in the brown paper bags with handles and not 4 zillion plastic bags. That always drives me nuts!

Kicking Myself....

Do you know what these are? They are awesome Thinsulate gloves with special fingers made so that you can use touch screen devices without taking off your gloves! Hello!! Iphone! Ipad! DRIOD! Ahhh what an awesome invention , and a GREAT Christmas gift. I know so many people who would love these.
So 2 weeks ago when I was Christmas Shopping online, i put a few pairs in my cart for gifts, then got distracted , ( which happens ALOT) and never completed my transaction. Do you know, that they are sold out EVERYWHERE, in just about EVERY style now. I have searched high and low, even called the designer.
Anyway, for those who are searching for cool gift ideas, here was one! ha

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card Display

Every year I always talk about what a big deal Christmas cards are in Grizaland. We wait and open them together every night of December when we are both home. Last year, I acquired the Christmas card holder from Southern Living and I absolutely love it, as I have had the hardest time figuring out how to display our cards every year. This hangs over our Living room door and clips them all in so that everyone can see them when they come over.

 I have a tradition of sending Christmas cards for YEARS, and since Erik and I have been together I like to frame our card for that year in a festive frame.

( I have the year written on the back) and frame the actual picture that was on our Christmas cards.

BUT, I have decided that I would prefer to frame the whole card itself each year, AND i really like the frames that have the year marked on them like these 2 from 2009 & 2010.

If anyone comes across great frames for this and sees any from years past, please let me know! All my tweeps were essential in hunting down the frame for 2010 as I needed it to be 5x7, vertical, & have 2010 marked on it! I finally found it at Khols and it was 65% off! You can't beat that! Thanks to everyone for the help! seriously! I really appreciated all the tweets!

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