Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Progress: Tile Work

Will this project EVER end? I wonder that myself every day! Today was supposed to be the last day but they didnt feel like doing grout today. They also cleared outta here before 3pm. I dont know what it is about 3pm but apparently construction workers turn to pumpkins if they dont knock off before 3. Kind of ridiculous and annoying. Arggghhhhhhhh
BUT, on another note. It looks fabulous. I went with the plain subway tile in the kitchen, for 2 reasons. 1 - A completely modern kitchen would have been weird in this 1927 Cottage, and 2- I was scared it would be outdated. You know those bathrooms with pink tile and toilets? They were cool they day they got put in, but now.... not so cool and very hard to decorate around. So plain subway tile won!

They started tiling the fireplace but had to jet because of the approaching 3 o'clock hour.
Here is what it looked like this morning. I am loving that we did the woodwork all the way to the ceiling.
And then a picture of the fantastic candle hoarding I did this past week when we went to all those TJMAXX stores in Florida. I got some great Illuminations candles including a new favorite scent " Star Gazer Lily" which smells fantastic.


Courtney said...

i LOVE the tiles! i seriously cannot wait to see the new and improved grizaland in person!!

Mississippi Candice said...

1-The kitchen tile looks GREAT!!!
3-Well we did until Monday, and now we don't even have a shower and are having to go to friends houses to shower everynight, so things could be worse!!!!
4-Last night, not only did we not have a shower, we also didn't have internet or cable due to Rick working on the electrical work.
5-After the PINK tile, we went with basic tile also.
That's all I have for now. GREAT JOB LG!

grizaham said...

the tile is looking solid.
those candles are nice as well i suppose. ;-)

Andrea said...

Kitchen tile and fireplace both look great! How do you get all of those candles home when you fly? Do you bring an extra suitcase?

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