Monday, December 7, 2009

Today was a Full Day!

Today has been crazy and busy! It started with me over sleeping and the workers must have as well since they were all late. Then a house on the street behind us caught fire ( hard to see anything but smoke in that pic) This is the second house behind us to catch fire this week, BOTH caught by the Grout's lab Bilbo. He should be on the Fire Department Payroll!

Then i worked on more Christmas Decorations. Really struggling with that this year! I just cant get motivated but today I was determined to check some things off the list. These hooks I first saw in Lillian Vernon and then found some at Lowe's and was so excited! All you do is put these on any rail or Bannister and they hold your garland so you don't have to wrap it around which takes MUCH more time to do and undo. so that was a brilliantly spent $4.00

Here is the progress on the house today. The end is near! Javier came and busted up all the tiles around the fireplace and poured some mortar. He also finished all the trim work.
Tile work from 1927 is some serious stuff!
and TADAAAA! WE have a sink. We have not had a sink or water in the kitchen for a few days and this was SO nice to get back. It also has some awesome water pressure. My Aunt introduced me to a place called Southeastern Salvage which is great for buying things like sinks and faucets. ( No, they are not used but actually brand new). They were almost exactly 1/3 of the price at Lowe's. That spicket to the far right is a small miracle. It spits out instant hot water so you can make lots of teas, coco, apple cider, RAMEN NOODLES, etc without boiling water. All the ladies in my family have had one of these at one time or another and I am SO glad we finally got one. Erik loves it too!
Not sure what is on tomorrow's agenda but if I had to guess I would say tile work and painting?


jenn said...

why are all the houses on your street catching on fire!!?!!?!??! You better not be using a space heater! :) LOVE the kitchen!!!!!!

Mississippi Candice said...

I LOVE THE INSTANT BOILING WATER!!! My mom has it and I am SO jealous!!

Susannah said...

OK-I sooo understand the no motivation thing-I have half assed my decor thus far. The house looks great, I can't wait to see it all done! AND I'm jealous of the hot water thing! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

eek, what is with all of the houses catching on fire?!

The Skippers said...

Your house is really looking awesome! Scary about the neighbors!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Good for you! I'm terrible at home improvements . . . TERRIBLE. You rock!

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