Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Progression of A Fireplace/Mantle.

The fireplace/mantle is pretty much complete. Below is the progression in pictures.

Starting out: This randome arch on the inside along with peeking tile drove me bonkers. Plus it was too tall to put the TV above.
And since the tile was too old and thick to take off, we had them cover it with wood pieces and build it up to the ceiling. They did manage to smash the tile out of the floor, which was good b.c it was cracked and you could feel cold air from basement coming out of those cracks.
Woodwork complete:
and finally re-tiled with 4" slate tiles and the TV from our bedroom mounted atop. I had the electrician pull cable wires and make an outlet all through the woodwork so as to make a clean install, but as you can see below we still have some wire issues to resolve, as well as the "where to put the cable box etc". I am trying out this table I found at TJMAXX clearance below but am really having a hard time finding just the right thing. I would love any suggestions or links from you. I also would love ideas about what to put on the mantle once Christmas Decor comes down. Should something be hung above the TV?


Sheila said...

It looks beautiful! I don't know if you want your electrician back out or not? But we have friends who ran their dvd and surround sound wires through the wall and their dvd is in their hall closet. Kinda cool-you NEVER see wires!
After Christmas decorations come down, I think I would put one or two family pictures on the mantle? That's just me!

grizaham said...

Looks money! I didn't realize how much we moved the mantle down. Not too shabby! Weagle.

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