Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Vintage Beach Cottage in Englewood, FL

A big Thanks to Marty C for putting us up in style while we visited Englewood for his wedding! I was in love with this retro beach cottage and desperately wanted to take home all the dishes!

One of these recliners had a remote control and would rise up to eject you.

Aren't these fabulous!?
and this dish was my FAVORITE! UGH me love!
The beach was about 10 ft out the back door which was really nice. Beautiful sunsets in the afternoon and at night TONS of shooting stars. I told our friends we had really gotten old matured when we are all sitting on the back porch watching the stars for entertainment!
And Englewood is known for great shells. I was especially proud of finding 2 intact Sea urchins!


ml said...

My mom has that EXACT same blue dish that you love! And I hope you guys got our Christmas card in the mailbox whilest you were away. My first year to do Christmas cards!

Courtney said...

love it! glad yall had so much fun! im totally jealous of your beach trip!!

Samantha said...

I LOVE all the color in your house and on your tree!! That's my next venture for Christmas 2010...more ornaments for my current trees and the start of a rainbow tree.

Kyle said...

A truly fantastic weekend and it was great to get to hang out with everyone. Englewood, Englewood always up to no good......

grizaham said...

that place was the bomb~
it had really GREAT air conditioning!
and a great view too

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