Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have you All Been Using Google Chrome?

What is Google Chrome?
A new Browser created by those smart folks over at Google

What is a Browser?
what you use to get on the internet. Same thing as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

How much does it Cost?
Its completely free like all browsers

Where Do I Get it?
You can download it online and learn more by clicking HERE ! It comes in Windows or Mac versions. The mac version is still a little slow and buggy but I am sure it will all be worked out.

To make your internet experience faster and more clean. Notice in that picture above that each time i open a new tab it shows me several of my most popular pages and i can just click one to go to the page without typing it etc. It also allows themes (pretty backgrounds) which I am big on!


Linzy said...

I have been using this since the day it came out and love love love it! Especially how you can drag tabs and pull them apart. Also the incognito tab is pretty cool.

Chad Grout said...

I just discovered it on your blog! Thank you so much for saving me from MS Crappernet Explorer. Chrome is AWESOME!!!

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