Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Grand Reveal! Finally a Finished Kitchen!

Let us review! Here is one before shot:

and here is an after shot of that wall. New upper cabinets and all cabinets painted. New molding and counter tops.
Before Dining Wall:
After Dining Wall: Cut out and cabinets with a bar. The light fixture hanging down needs to be changed out.
The stove wall before:
The Stove Wall After: (painting, hardware, molding)
View of the backdoor. I will paint the back of that door the color of the cabinets soon, change the window shade and door hardware.
Notice my vintage herb poster. I secured this from the Flea Market for $2 i think... and finally got a frame for it at Michaels today ( hooray for 50% off coupons)!
And another vintage herb wall art from Yard Sale in Monroeville. 25 cents. I plan to use orange and avocado green as accent colors in here. I have a rug picked out at but need to wait a few months to save the cash up!
I am so thrilled with how it all turned out and am really enjoying all the extra cabinet space and organization. It has changed the entire space dramatically. I am also excited to get one of our 3 rooms back in order and clean of sheetrock dust! Tomorrow I hope to be able to get everything finished and cleaned up.
Now because of the kitchen, and watching the movie Julia and Julie, and one other thing, I am trying to learn lots about cooking! My question for all you cookers out there is :
"What do you consider STAPLES, as in you always must have them in your cabinet/fridge"
Please comment with answers! Thanks!


Cory Holder said...

Wow! I mean I always thought your kitchen looked good to begin with, but the before and after are AMAZING! Totally worth it and I really think this couldn't have turned out any better. I'll bring you a list of things that I consider "Must Have" items this weekend! :)

Melissa and Cas said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! I seem to always have staples of green beans, corn, pasta, potatoes, rice. I am usually always good on the sides it is the main course/meat that I have trouble deciding on. Then of course we always have condiments/dressings, juice, milk in the fridge. Spices are also must haves around here.

AP said...

LG, I can't wait to see this in person! It looks AMAZING and I know it was totally worth all the junk that went along with it! Since I don't have my own kitchen just yet I don't really know any staples for one, BUT according to Will, "tetup" and ranch are must haves!

jenn said...

My jaw dropped when I saw the difference. I LOVE IT!
My staples are : cheetos, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese, mac-n-cheese, pineapple, and wine. ;) not all of the mentioned are for Nicholas :)

Anonymous said...

OMG it's beautiful! I'm totes jelly of it, that's like, my dream kitchen!

As for staples, I always have these on hand:
Ground beef
Ground turkey
Chicken breasts
Frozen veggies (3-4 different kinds)
Frozen spinach
Ice Cream

Mustards (dijon, yellow, etc)
Salad dressings (homemade & Italian)
English muffins
Coffee creamer
Tomato paste in a tube (lifesaverr)
Yogurt (flavored & vanilla/plain)
Orange juice
Shredded cheddar and mozarella cheeses
Hunk of parm cheese

Pasta (4-5 different kinds)
Pasta sauce (marinara, veggie, meat, and basil-herb sauces)
Rice (basmati, white, brown, minute rice & regular rice)
Lentils (green)
Canned tomatoes (28oz Red Pack crushed, 14oz crushed, chopped, and other varieties)
Canned black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and navy beans
Canned pineapple
Peanut and cashew butters
Steel cut oats
Quick oats/Quaker Oats
Tortilla chips
Canned pumpkin

Baking cabinet:
Flour (whole wheat & white)
Splenda white and brown sugars
Baking soda
Baking powder
Powdered sugar
Chocolate bars
Peanut butter chips

We have a spice drawer and a salt and pepper grinder as well! I usually keep a pretty stocked kitchen like WW3 is going to happen and I need to feed 700 people, so this is kind of extensive, I think? But you totes have the storage space now!!

Happy kitchen!!

Courtney said...

LOVE it LG! I will email you my kitchen staples. It's not that long of a list, but I need to think!

Linzy said...

Love the kitchen! My only recommendation on the kitchen staples is to buy spices and herbs whole and fresh and get a mortar and pestle or spice grinder to grind them right before using... they are SO much better that way. For instance, the easiest is getting whole peppercorn and grinding it up before peppering up your dishes.

Lori C. said...

WOw! I love the transformation! You did an excellent job of picking everything out LG!

Courtney said...

W.O.W!!! as i stated before, i cannot wait to see it in person! it looks amazing!! kudos lbears!!

grizaham said...

When i saw the picture of the old kitchen i threw up in my mouth. I despised that nasty kitchen since the first day i laid eyes on it. Barf!!
But now it rules. Great job Laura.

ml said...

Lurve it!!! Looks amazing!!!

Jessica Chapman Otwell said...


Cary said...

Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL Laura!!!I love it!

Julie Bray said...

Kitchen looks wonderful!!! I can't wait till we update our's.
You know, I don't have clue what staples we keep in the kitchen. Water, OJ, cheese, bagels, milk, fruit-to-go drinks. A lot of take out menus!..... Other than that, Bryan takes care of it. Guess I may have to step up to the plate sometime & figure all that out.

NORTIE said...

WOW. WOCKA WOCKA! Lookin great & ready for dat swine...

Samantha Newcomb said...

Oh Wow! i love the updated look! very sleek design! want to see in person soon :)

Meliha said...

What a beautiful kitchen!! LOVE IT

sarah doow said...

Woo, very classy, congratulations!

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