Monday, December 21, 2009

Graham Christmas Celebration!

We had our Graham Christmas celebration last night! Shauna is due any day now with baby Chloe and Erik and I will be in the ville on Christmas so we did an early celebration that was quite entertaining! Below is our entire family outfitted in Snuggies that Juliel gave us. Ralphie loves his snuggie and is still wearing it now, Bossie shed hers in about 5 mins after this picture was taken.
Excuse my scromply hair. Yesterday started with an early morning Titans tailgate then the flea market then family Christmas so I was worn out!
The aftermath:
Bro & Shauna gave us a custom painted portrait of our 2 dog children and I am just wild about it! We have only seen this picture of it so far but I can't wait to get the real deal! The artist is out of Franklin, does the portraits in ONE day and he captured their looks and facial expressions perfectly! Click on the link for his website! His name is Mike Battenberg!


Mississippi Candice said...

That could be a christmas card pic! LOVE IT!

auhays said...

You are the queen of funny, amde-up adjectives (see "scromply"). Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

grizaham said...

That painting is most definately in the 10 ten of ALL TIME greatest gifts!
Cannot wait to get that on the wall!

Also, that snuggie pic is 100X better than the christmas card we sent out.. I LOVE Christmas cards and would like to FORMALLY apologize to whoever recieved our card cause it was TERRIBLE.. My fault.


how much was the doggie portrait?? i had that done for parents once. he did a great job!

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