Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas In Monroeville!

We started out with Anna & Richard's gifts. They were pretty excited to see what they got. We gave Anna some Uggs which she has wanted for a while and she was thrilled! Richard got a video game and some $.

Erik got a Wii from me and some other man things from Santa

Erik gets the royal treatment
I plan to learn to cook over the next 9 months since pretty much everything else is off limits. I got lots of great cooking things which I plan to try. Marty I finally got a grilling cookbook like yours! Hooray!
Bubs gave me a Kindle which I LOVE ! I just read "The Lovely Bones" this past weekend on it and It was a great book.
Erik's Loot
Little Wilbur had a great Christmas!Ironically, He and my bro got matching shirts from different people so we got them to put them on!
His fav toys were his cars and his arm chair.
You can see that being a man just comes real naturally to him. He knew exactly what to do with that chair and also insisted on keeping a snack and drink in the chair next to him!


Josh and Beth said...

Love the little recliner!! I am attempting new recipes as well..One of my favorite cookbooks is the Southern Country Cookbook from Progressive Farmer...good luck!!

Courtney said...

Will is so cute. Good luck with the cooking! If you can follow directions then you can cook, trust me. :)

ml said...

Laura, you look beautiful in that picture!

AP said...

Best Christmas I can remember!

NORTIE said...

YES! A Wii! I'm going to work yawl in some bowling WORD...

grizaham said...

Good times in Monroeville!

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