Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Birthday Dinner for Justin!

We had a fabulous dinner party here Saturday night for Justin's birthday! Everyone brought a dish or more and the food was so good. It all felt very grown up! I stayed up till 1am which has not happened in WEEKS!
Thanks to everyone for all the serious cooking and the mens for helping with our TV situation.

Every time I have a party, there is some unexpected HIT item, the last 2 big parties it was my label maker, which I am stingy with, so glad it got put on the back burner for this party. This party was enthralled by my VICKS vapor kleenexes! I am loyal buyer of ONLY those kleenexes and when someone used one, and got all excited everyone here was blowing their nose! ha
First I get pregnant, then I am watching the stars at Marty's wedding and now getting excited over menthol kleenexes... what has happened to me!! HA


Courtney said...

looks like yall had a great time!! sad i missed out :((

grizaham said...

Sweet party! Happy bday Justin!
Sorry we spent so much time hanging the TV during it! Good times though~!

NORTIE said...

no worries on this end, LOVED IT, Great Food, Good People, Good Times, BIGFUN! THanks again yawl suckas!

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