Thursday, December 31, 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas ICE at Opry Mills!

We went to ICE at Opry Mills where the whole Charlie Brown Christmas is told in Ice Sculptures and has the soundtrack playing in each scene too! Last year was The Grinch! It was way colder than I remembered it being in there but totally neat!

Ice slides below! We skipped them bc I was freezing and the lines were long


Melissa said...

We just found out from some of our family that went that it was Peanuts this year! Cas is a big Peanuts/Schulz fan and a collector! We just assumed they kept doing the Grinch! Hopefully they will do this again this next Christmas and I can take him! It looks really neat!

AndreaLeigh said...

That looks like mucho fun!

Have you bought any baby books yet? Check out Your Pregnancy Week by Week - it is so much better than What to Expect. That book is a nightmare.

grizaham said...

Love me some ICE.. Even if my fingers froze off!!

Melissa and Cas said...

I have a question on my blog that you may can answer since you are a MAC chic! Happy New Year!

Cas said...

Hey, thanks for the help last night. It's been a hard fight bringing Melissa around to the Mac, but I think you just helped me win the war. Now she wants an iMac and a macbook. *sigh*

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