Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yesterday's Progress: Fireplace

Our kitchen design is kind of a 3 parter project, which when finished will have completed our downstairs area (only after 2 years! ha). I will try and explain it here, but it's gonna be hard to follow. Basically:
- by knocking out half the dining room wall that leads to kitchen we have opened those 2 rooms to each other.
- The living room and dining room are naturally open to each other but we have covered that doorway with a curtain for the past 2 years b/c we had no where else to put our TV.
- so in order to remove that curtain (which i need to use in our dining room anyway)we have to find somewhere to put the TV!
- In order to follow the bubs rules of perfect TV watching we had to lower the mantle so it will be at eye level and you wont be breaking your neck to look up at TV. It is the basically same mantle just taken apart and rearranged/changed.
So below is how it was before. That tile seeping out of the woodwork made me crazy!
My final plan...
In progress. I enjoy these mens. One's name is Arsenio which is kind of hysterical.
Then here you can see we are half way done. That tile on top has to go and still some finishing details like paint etc.


grizaham said...

Keep up the good work.
War Eagle.

Josh and Beth said...

This looks great so far!! Do you have a wood burning fireplace? We are trying to decide on hanging our TV above the fireplace but can't decide..

Amy said...

Love the progress, can't wait to see the end result!

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