Monday, November 16, 2009

A Week of Organizing!

Lucky for me, organizing just happens to be one of my favorite activities! I spent all day Saturday putting the pegs and shelves in our new cabinets and then rearranging everything. Here is a sample pic . LOVE modular mates by tupperware.

and today is sorting Christmas Decor into boxes for each room the decorations go in. Quite a MESS

My assistant:

He was in charge of quality control!


Courtney said...

i know you are soooo excited to organize those new cabinets! cant wait to see them in person and i love the new blog layout!!

Amy said...

Feel free to come organize my house anytime...

Melissa and Cas said...

Last year when I put decorations away I was supposed to pack them in boxes according to which room they go in but as I have started unpacking them I am finding apparently that I did not do such a great job of that! LOL Heck there was even a laundry basket filled with all the items I found after the boxes were put away!

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