Monday, November 2, 2009

Philly Museum of Art, Rocky & Pearl Jam Night 4!

One of our last days about town we went to the Philly Museum of Art. Very interesting place with a GORKY exhibit. Outside is the Rocky statue and stairs. Some random man , who "has worked all over the world taking pictures" offered to photograph us with the statue and he posed us as well ! I think this is the ONLY picture we got together the whole time!

Night 4 of Pearl Jam was fun! All the rumors were just rumors! No special guests, which I was cool with b/c I did NOT want to see "The Boss" which is who I thought was gonna come. Other things that made it special were the confetti & balloons at the end of the night. I love stuff like that! AND... my polish seat mate. He was hysterical and so sweet. For some reason he really enjoyed me and brought me back a present every time he left the seats... either from the concession or merch stands. I enjoyed him too bc he was SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED that it was really fun to watch. Lots of jumping, screaming, Air guitar and cute little accent to boot! Here is he singing:
LOTS of confetti!


grizaham said...

The Rocky Statue was sweet.
The Museum of Art was nice.
Pearl Jam was the bomb

Cory Holder said...

Very glad you guys had fun, but very glad you are back also! :)

Off-Black said...

That concert looks awesome, starting to get excited about seeing them in my neck of the woods (ish) in three weeks, its gonna be epic.....will be in an outdoor stadium though, so probably not so many balloons or confetti!

Amy Jo said...

It really was amazing, wasn't it?

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