Saturday, November 7, 2009

Keepin' It Real in the Ville!

We are in Monroeville this weekend visiting family and boy have we been busy! Today before I had both eyes open or any coffee I was out the door to a yard sale where I got some great treasures! Below are some 1950's tins. They are AWESOME but do need to be cleaned up a bit. What is "vintage" in Nashville is "Old" in Monroeville. They seriously had 2 tags on them, one that said "old" and the other that said "$3". I also got a 70's cross stitch for 25 cents.

Then on to DIRT CHEAP in Atmore. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dirt Cheap! It is like shopping at Target with a 70% off coupon! It was even more fun shopping with an "allowance" from Dad. They also have other retailers there... Below is a picture of my practical purchases. A new Water filter pitcher and 3 refill filters , a vacuum filter and some floodlights! Total was less that $10 for all of that stuff!
Then some textiles. 2 Sweater pillows with down inserts.A curtain to match the one in our bathroom right now! Some embroidered pillowcases for Julie's room, some dinner napkins and some hardware! Total less that $30. Pillows were a little "pricey" for Dirt Cheap at $5 each.
Then.. onto Dad's HUGE garden! Erik is standing there admiring his loofah sponges growing along the fence.
Below is about 1/3 of all the peppers I picked today! About 5 or more varieties! Also got eggplants, Kale, mustard greens, collard greens, squash...
Then LOTS of playtime with the nephew! He has been really fun this trip b.c he is starting to talk now. He learned my name right away but took about 24 hours to say Erik. He calls me "Wala" and he knows what stuff is mine and points to it and says" WALA." Below he is trying to feed Erik some of his ketchup.
Then after Wilburs went to bed, I raided Moms holiday decor and got some great fall topiary thingies and a center piece for my table. Oh, I forgot that I also got some wreaths and a cornucopia at the yard sale this morning and Nonie is working on the cornucopia for me tonight! Pictures of that tomorrow!


Courtney said...

All the 'ville. :)

You and Erik are now doomed if Will is saying your name. I thought I was hooked with Zach and then the first time he said "CourtCourt" I got even worse. Ya don't stand a chance...ha!

JHill said...

Ugh! I had some adorable flour, sugar, coffee, tea tins like those that I got before I was married but I got rid of them. What was I thinking?!?!?

grizaham said...

Mtown would have been a little better if i hadn't been sick the whole weekend.. War MToWn!

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