Monday, November 16, 2009

Iphone App Review: MGifts

MGifts is an app I happened upon when looking for A good Christmas List app. It actually has been very helpful as a way to keep up with how many gifts and how much money you spend on people in your life. I have all these babies in our life that I am trying to keep up with and I can never remember if I bought this a present for this or that and wanna keep it even.

It shows you a list of all that people you add and a running total of # of gifts and $ spent.
Then you can open up any person and see the gifts listed out with an occasion, store, picture etc. It is REALLY neat. You also have the option to check off the items that are already purchased so it can be used as a shopping list as well.

1 comment:

The Spotted Turkey said...

Well I hope little Will is not reading your blog...poor thing would already know what you are getting him. love the app. Now to muster up the motivation to use it.

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