Monday, November 16, 2009

Granpa's Political Corner: Health Care

Hi. You asked for some comments on health care. One can not comment on specifics of the legislation until we know what will be included in the bill, especially until after the "conference" to reconcile differences between house and senate bills.

I can comment on some generalities.

Welfare is the transfer of wealth from one person to another person of lesser wealth. If I choose to give of my assets to a person I deem needy, that is freedom. If the government takes my assets through taxation and gives it to a person the government deems needy, that is tyranny.

What might be the real purpose of proposing legislation that will create a huge bureaucracy and provide "insurance coverage" for the uninsured? Will your assets be taken as taxes to pay for insurance for someone the government deems needy? Could that be welfare tyranny?
Where does the government derive the right to provide any kind of insurance using your tax dollars to provide for persons they select? Where does the government derive the right to require you to purchase health insurance, and if you do not purchase health insurance pay a fine or be sentenced to jail time? Why does the government want to be the single provider of health insurance? Could it be that the government wants to be able to control this segment of our economy so that the government will be able to determine the rules we live by? Is this another welfare scheme to make more people dependent on the government?

Perhaps one might consider the economy of the nation. We are greatly in debt and yet Congress proposes additional spending. Will the proposed "health legislation" not increase the national debt by a trillion dollars ($1000,000,000,000) or more? Who becomes responsible for and how will this debt be repaid? And don't forget the very expensive energy (cap and trade) bill right behind. The economy is depressed and one does not become prosperous by spending more than we have. Indeed now is not the time to propose these new spending programs.

One might consider as to whether the medical system has been prepared for an onslaught of more insured patients. What would happen to quality of care under government control of insurance coverage, conditions covered and procedures paid for as well as setting the price for a procedure?

One should think for a moment of the psychological effects that welfare has on the recipients and the donors. The government takes from A and gives to B. B, over time, comes to rely on the payment to provide the amenities of life so has no real reason or desire to assume that responsibility themselves. A, over time, comes to realize that his productivity is being drained to provide for B and that he could have used those assets to provide for a time that he may no longer be able to be productive, but not meet the requirement to have C contribute to his welfare. B thinks he should have more and turns to the government for more. A decides he is not able to use his assets and so decides to cut back on his productivity. This deprives the government of tax revenue to support B at a time when B becomes more strident in his demands. We are not helping our citizens by having a welfare state. I would consider the health legislation as welfare and would on this ground alone oppose it. This is not to say that health care plans can not be devised to meet our needs, we just haven't done it.

I guess you could say I am against the health care plans now under consideration.

Until Next Time,


Courtney said...

Grandpa, I don't know you, but I really, REALLY, like you. Thanks for the comments. It's nice to read someone's opinion who's not drinking the Kool-Aid...

Mike said...

Thanks Grandpa for your very well stated comments. Someone once said that the problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples money. I agree, and I also agree with your comments here. I think it was Ben Franklin that stated you can not help someone by doing for them what they should do for themselves. I guess we do not learn very well.

Cary said...

I agree with you 200% Granpa! I am scared to death that more damage (such as this health care bill) will be already done when the 2010 elections roll around! Can you do an article on "what we the people should do?" How do we combat this lunacy? Yes, I call and write my representatives regularly! Thanks for political corner!

lewis said...

Grandpa- I am a Small Business Owner and I could not disagree more.
FACT: US is 37th in Healthcare preceded by countries like Malta, Cyprus and United Arab Emirates. These are FACTS based on life span, childhood illness/death etc. These facts cannot be ignored or dismissed. The best healthcare comes from single payer systems found in ALL industrialized nations in the world.
FACT: The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not have universal healthcare coverage for it’s citizens.
FACT: Insurance companies do NOTHING to cure, prevent or diagnose illnesses. Insurance companies simply move your money from your pocket to the doctor while taking out profit for the shareholders massive end of the year bonus'. A government run system would not only be far more financially efficient it would provide millions of people access to basic care they do not have now.

Just because someone "makes it" in America does not entitle them to anymore than the next.

One's bank account should not determine life's value or worth in the world.

FACT: More than 18,000 adults in the U.S. die every year simply because of lack of insurance.

If I can say anything it would be that all humans need the help of another at one point in their lives and its not called tyranny.

grizaham said...

This country is going down the sh**er

Amy said...

Until I worked for a Government run healthcare contractor (Medicare Advantage plan) I would say that we needed socialized healthcare but the bureaucracy of Medicare is more than I can handle. It is insane. There is a happy medium, I fully believe that with all of my being, not sure the road to that happy medium is going to be a fun one.

Granpa said...

Thanks for your comments. I hope you can find time to ask questions and demand answers from our congress. As Amy said, there is a medium, can we find it? The government must also follow the Constitution and be truly fiscally responsible.

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