Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirt Cheap Project: Extended Curtain

This curtain hides a bunch of messy shelves in our bathroom. I bought it at Dirt Cheap for $3 a few months back and it was not long enough. I could not force myself to go buy another one at Target for $29.99 since the first one was only $3 so I waited and got another one this past weekend when we went to Dirt Cheap. HOORAY. I was really hoping to find one! Today I sewed them together and it looks much better. Looks kinda pitiful in the pic below but I just didn't have the motivation to steam it before taking the pic ha!

** The color of this curtain is called "River Rock" which is only sold in stores and not on the website**


Anna See said...

way cool! my target bedroom curtains are too short. i'm going to try this!

grizaham said...

Nice work! Now the curtain reaches the bottome! yeah!

Lindsey said...

WAY TO GO!!! Love the new curtain;)

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