Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping 101:

I did some MAD Christmas Shopping today! I started back in October with buying all the kids gifts on my list. That makes it easier for me to group peeps and give them each a month/week time span to shop in. I also have some iphone apps to organize this plan ( more on that later). I did some reading up on my coupon blogs today and learned alot of neat toy buying tricks. The only bad thing is I am so out of touch with my old "cool toy buying" self. I don't know whats cool anymore with little kids or what the fad is these days, and would LOVE for all you parentals reading this to comment with some tips and age ranges. However, I am almost done.
So here are some of my tips for you all:

- Bath & Body Works is having a sale right now, and a good one. Wall Flowers for $6 Hand soaps for $3. Make sure you are on their mailing list to get coupons. I had a $10 off entire purchase coupon, in fact 2 and the lady let me use both of them *neat*. I love it when that happens. Also they have candles on sale right now but don't be roped in! The BIG ones go on sale Black Friday 2/$20. They have fantastic Holiday Scents!

- Target has their toy coupon book out right now. I saved $17 on 2 of my Nephew buddy's toys. They also have some movies etc on sale. You can print those coupons online HERE. They expire 11/25 and may be gone by then too so plan ahead. If you want to preview their Black Friday Sales CLICK HERE

- KMART black Friday Sales Click HERE

What I need help with is buying Disney Movies. I don't think I have EVER bought any! ha Our God Daughter collects them ( she doesn't know this yet, as she is all about milk and naps right now, but one day she will know it and love it !- right Sus?) anyway, I wondered if any of you know of great deals on Disney Movies?

- Macy's is having a great sale on all their sweaters right now. Cheaper than Old Navy if that tells you anything!

- Michael's has Halloween Decor 70% off and is having a big sale tomorrow 9am-1pm you can get 20% off your entire purchase, EVEN SALE ITEMS. That's big news for all you crafters!

So , I guess that's it! You guys comment with all your suggestions, parent knowledge and sale/coupon news! Also please twitter me Grizas if you see anything cool on my list!
Happy Shopping!


Amy said...

I used to collect Disney movies and still have them all on VHS...they don't really go on sale, and they take them off the market now and then to up the demand for them.

Melissa and Cas said...

Thank You for the sweet comment! I have been reading you as well since I found on Sus's page! Don't you just love all of these holiday deals! I don't think I have paid full price yet for anything due to sales or coupons! I love your new kitchen! It is so pretty!

Courtney said...

I bought my nephew's Disney movies for Christmas on Amazon. You can get "very good" or "like new" ones for cheaper than the brand new...which I don't think there is any difference in quality.

Cory Holder said...

I need to get some Christmas shopping done today! After Thanksgivings all the crazies come out!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the links! I LOVE black friday - my sister and I are the crazy girls that get up at 2am and camp out at Target. We are always in the top ten of the line. Its my one crazy thing i do and its addicting!! If you do it - go with a buddy and seperate your list in sections (electronics, toys, bedding, etc) and give each of you sections and seperate. that way you can get everything on both of your lists. I could go on about this for a while - so i'll shut up for now. :)

Lori C. said...

As for toys/presents for kids - I am not sure if these are the craze in Nashville right now (or if they were like 6 months ago maybe and us south alabamians are just now catching up) but my 6 and 9 year old and all their friends are into silly bandz. I personally don't see the fascination because all they are is rubber bands that come in different assortments of shapes. You collect them, trade them, etc. Anyway, I know they are all the craze in M'gomery too. I don't know if you remember Curt Brown but his wife owns a shop in M'gomery and the last shipment they got in had 240 packs and they sold out in 2 hours. There is a website you can go to and order them. My girls wear all 24 of them at once to school (well - Abigail did until they got banned from kindergarten for all the little girls fighting over them)! Haha! Anyway, I wasn't sure if you had girls to buy for or not but that's just a suggestion!

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