Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't Believe I Am About to Promote Direct TV.... BUT

I really never , EVER thought I would promote Direct TV as they can be irritating in the billing department, but I have had some really good experiences with them lately! We first got on the Direct TV bandwagon in Birmingham, because when we bought our townhouse, they forgot to mention there was NO CABLE LAID ON OUR STREET. So all the neighbors had cable, but the grizas could get no cable! Enter Direct TV.. and a bajillion year contract. So into Nashvilles we go with our Direct TV contract.
Well a few weeks ago, I discovered that you can get an iphone app that controls your DVR, and anyone with an iphone app, that makes my mad love for TV stronger is a friend of mine!
Then today I was checking out the equipment on their site, because of our new TV arrangement when I discover THIS page about remotes. For a mere $20 I can do really exciting things for our TV watching. 1 - backlit buttons, Sounds archaic i know but we have not had them and late at night when watching TV fumbling for the right button in the dark is not easy!
and then #2 - They have new remotes now that operate on radio frequency instead of infrared! If you are scratching your head right now, like I was let me explain the beauty behind that concept. You can control your receiver without having to point it , which means that ugly old receiver doesn't have to be out in the open! We are going on 4 years now of having to leave one side of our entertainment center open for the remote, which is not visually appealing. No more!
And there you have it, I am officially loving Direct TV these days.. ....


Cory Holder said...

Good job LG! Back lit buttons are definitely a perk! We have Dish Network and it is decent, but still to expensive!

grizaham said...

For $50 i really really really really liked our old remotes.... ;-)

Kyle said...

Ya'll may have this with Direct, but we have dish network and we have one box that controls our den tv and our bedroom tv. The box is in the den and has an antenna, radio frequency I guess, on it and the other remote works in the bedroom, with all of our dvr recordings being on both tv's since it is one receiver. Plus it saves us $ per month b/c we only have one box. Also cheaper than directv.

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