Monday, November 30, 2009

20,000 Nuts & 400 Gluesticks later..

For whatever reason, I have been inspired to make some wreaths over the last few weeks. The one above I saw in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine in November and thought it would be so simple and easy to make.... WRONG. That is really like one bajillion little tiny nuts, that each have to be individually glued on. It would have turned out so much better had I remembered to spray paint the base. UGH. Anyway after it is all said and done I thought to myself, next time LG... JUST BUY IT!
Well then I saw THIS POST over at Thrifty Decor Chick and got all kinds of inspired! I saw some of these wreaths at TJMAXX a few weeks ago and now they are all sold out! Bummer. So I bought some plastic sparkly ball ornaments from Old Time Pottery and got to work. 2 hours and no wreath later.. another EPIC FAIL. I don't have a picture of this misery, but just take my word for it. Follow TDC's instructions to the T. It is important that the ornaments you buy have a quality hook thingy on the top. Mine were plastic with very small holes that often broke as I was stringing them in the hanger. Also think the thinner wire is a great investment unless you are like the Hulk with a coat hanger.
So, this was the first and last times I ever attempt to make another wreath! SRsly


Melissa and Cas said...

I have seen TDC's wreath and I have seen a couple of other blogs make them as well and I would love to make one! I guess I will add it to list of projects that may or may not get finished by Christmas 2015!

grizaham said...

Once again, I'm impressed!

ml said...

I like the wreath. It DOES look difficult though. Those Martha Stewart projects are never as easy as they look!

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