Friday, October 9, 2009

Pomegranates Are In Season! What Can They Do for You?

You know those little Pom drinks you can buy that are not cheap? Well yesterday I discovered the reason for that! They are super labor intensive! Below you see 1 pomegranate... ($1.50-$2.00 each)

This is how many seeds come out of one pomegranate
and even less juice! But has great benefits. You can read ELEVEN health benefits of Pom juice by clicking here. I then mixed this with water and a little lime juice to make it taste better!
This is what real apple juice looks like!
and here are my turvis tumblers working overtime! ( did you know they sell lids for them now at BBB). 4 types of juice:
Carrot/Spinach ( gross)

I really need some good recipes so if you guys have any please email them to me!


KellyFranks said...

I had Pomegranate yogurt yesterday....amazing!!

Cory Holder said...

Pomegranate martini...yum.

Lizzy said...

Pomegranate is also a natural viagra ( :

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