Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Philadelphia Day 1: Southside

The majority of our first day in Philly has been dealing with my sickness. After 24 hours of the worst rash on earth, we finally looked for a doctor. Our 2 options were : Emergency room, wait 4 hours, pay $$$$ or call a doc to our hotel room, wait 45 mins. pay $$ and hope our insurance covers it. We went with option 2 and had a very interesting fellow come and give me 2 shots and some meds. Below is G rated picture of the rash ( which covers my entire body) and seems to be an allergic reaction to the cough syrup the doctor gave me for the faux swine flu cold I got the day before we left. This is also on my face and all over my scalp/ears so I look very sexy strollin the streets of Philadelphia today.

Then after the doc on to Southside. Lots of interesting shops. We had some lunch here.
Then snugs bamboozeled me into some historic tour thingy that was a total snooze. We also had to walk 3 miles to get there. I kind of wanted to rub my rash off on him after that walk.
Pretty scenery along the way though. I noticed almost everyone here has window boxes and they all decorate well for the season/holidays which is nice.


Courtney said...

Hope that rash goes away STAT!

Chad G. said...

OMG LG. Some things just aren't meant for the blogosphere. I clicked on my Google Reader this morning and BLADOW - all I see is leprosy all over my screen. DAAAAAAMN!

Just in time for Halloween though! :)

grizaham said...

That rash was not cool.

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