Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painted Ceilings: Part One

I first heard about painting ceilings from Cory, who hates her ceilings, and then I read about them HERE on the thrifty decor chick blog. Our first dive into painting ceilings will be in our bedroom where we recently experienced that AC leak. We must have part of the ceiling replaced to avoid the mold issue, which will require painting afterward. Any suggestions on color?
As of now we will do 1/4 the color of the walls so much lighter grey.
Sorry for the crappy pictures. I have not been in the blogging/coding/editing mode lately!

PS this is still my *favorite* room in the house. If only I could bring myself to paint the dresser and be done in here! dang!


Lori C. said...

we did one room in the house with painted ceilings and I love it! wish we had done more. I think it would look great to pull another color you use in your room and go with that for your ceiling color. Our room is a dark khaki with a light goldish yellow ceiling. We even did the crown molding in a metallic gold for a little something different. (i know - it might sound crazy but it actually looks REALLY great!) Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

I think a muted shade of orange would be awesome! Amy

Cory Holder said...

Come paint my ceilings...they are beige!!!! Ugh!

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